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Where Is The Violent Men Filmed? The Classic 60’s Movie

Are you interested in the melodramatic tale of a range of war, passion, and lust? Well, don’t wait anymore, just watch the violent men. The Violent Men is an American hit from 1955 which is directed by Rudolph Maté. The movie is based on the 1955 novel Smoky Valley by Donald Hamilton. The movie has an IMDb rating of 7 stars and is still cherished by fans all over the globe. Moreover, the success of this movie can be estimated by the box office earnings, that is, $1,950,000 (US).

The movie is a clear representation of the times then. It clearly depicts land gambling, problems in the family, and the power of the superior person. The Violent Men was appreciated for its filming location fans were impressed by the thought of it. Do you want to know where this amazing movie was shot? Well, read this article and get the answer to your question.

Plot Of The Violent Men

The storyline of this movie is so fun and full of drama in every way. The film begins with Former Union soldier John Parrish wishing to sell his ranch to move to the east and start a new life there. But, a scheming businessman named Lew, who was interested in that property, made the soldier reconsider his move. The twist to the story came when one of his close ranch members got murdered. Sure, it filled his heart with doubts. But, this isn’t the only tension in John’s life. The cherry on top is his wife cheating on him with his brother. Isn’t it what we call drama?

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Meet the Cast Of The Violent Men

The audience couldn’t have asked for a better cast. The description of characters just goes with the actors. It doesn’t even seem like the characters and actors are different entities. Firstly, the lead role of John Parrish is taken by Glenn Ford, the entire story of the movie revolves around this man. Another important character of the film is Martha Wilkison, and the role of the same is taken up by Barbara Stanwyck, this lady who adds crazy flavors to the bland scenes.

The major role of Lew Wilkison was taken up by Edward G. Robinson, the man has sure been more mean and crazy than expected. Other members of the Wilkinson family are Judith Wilkinson, portrayed by Dianne Foster, and Cole Wilkinson, played by Brian Keith. The movie would have been incomplete without the involvement of Sheriffs. So, highlighting the roles of both the sheriff who were played by James Westerfield as Sheriff Magruder and Willis Bouchey as Sheriff Martin Kenner. Apart from these, a number of other actors come into play to add spice to the story of The Violent Men.

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Filming Location Of The Violent Men

Did you know that this 90-minute movie was shot in 8 different locations? The entire filming was divided between California and Arizona. The Violent Men was shot in Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, the USA, for the majority of the time. Other filming locations included Old Tucson – 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA. This isn’t the last of Arizona, Tucson Mountains, Ironwood Forest National Monument, Sierrita Mountains, and the Sonoran Desert, Arizona are the other locations in Arizona where the shoot took place. Inyo and Burbank were the places in California contributing to The Violent Men.

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