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Where Is Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Filmed? Locations Revealed!

In today’s world, the word simplicity hits every spectrum of the market. Regardless of the feel and cost behind it, a movie that has the touch of simplicity on it, that movie is bound to flourish. Everyone wants a bit or piece of life through the big screen. There are numerous untold stories kept apart from the big screen, but some are told and celebrated. Movies that are not majestic in nature as they deserve the celebration of the craft too. One such ease to the eye movie is Rise and Shine Benedict Stone. The film had such beautiful visuals, which is why we shall be looking into the filming locations of Rise and Shine Benedict Stone.

Certain movies stay with you for days. It may be the characters, the dialogues, the story, or the scenic beauty of the place you witness in the movie. Rise and Shine Benedict Stone is a movie that has all the elements which will remind you of a nice feel-good movie. The movie is emotional and may keep one’s eyes teary-eyed all through, but the flick is a sight for a sore eye.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Plot

“Simplicity at its best” is a phrase that defines Rise and Shine Benedict Stone perfectly to its guts. The movie shares a simple story to the audience catering to a bag of mixed emotions and life in general. The story of Rise and Shine Benedict Stone is about a man called Benedict Stone. Stone is a gemstone merchant who has a happy life until his life/marriage falls apart because they could not conceive a child. Soon, destiny or one can call it fate, Stone’s niece Gemma, turns up at his doorstep. Gemma gradually learns about Stone’s marriage, and the equation changes with his wife. Hence, Gemma takes it upon herself to help fix the problem.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone
Poster of Rise and Shine Benedict Stone

Such a sweet and short plot but the nuances of this whole situation and the whole ‘rise and shine’ journey of Benedict Stone is the basic crux of the plot. Hence, it is certain that this movie hits the right chords in your heart and makes the whole situation so genuine.

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Cast Details

The show comprises a very talented artist list. The list is led by Tom Everett Scott, who plays the role of Benedict Stone, whereas Mia Maestro plays the wife, Emilia. Tom has been a regular on the big screen as well as for the tv shows. His roles in Reign, Scream: The TV Series, 13 Reasons Why all have been the highlight of his filmography. Whereas on the other hand, Mia Maestro has impressed a lot of audiences worldwide through a variety of projects like Crusoe, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, Scandal, and many more.

Apart from the leads, there are many familiar faces in the flick. Some are Matthew James Dowden, Matt Hamilton, Roark Critchlow, Rochelle Greenwood, Francesca Bianchi, Maddy Hillis, and Georgie Daburas. Andy Nez, Austin Trapp, Stephanie Florian, Alec Santos, and Quinten James.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Filming Locations

This gem, Rise and Shine Benedict Stone is full of picturesque sequences. The movie is really pleasing to the eye, and every shot looks majestic. The filming locations for Rise and Shine Benedict Stone were primarily set on Vancouver Island in the Province of British Columbia in Canada. It gave the whole scenario a backdrop of a small town with a universe on its own. Vancouver Island is a perfect mold for the visionary director Peter Benson. The production team could change bits and pieces of the town according to the script’s demand. The small town’s warmth was created very well by the director and was actually very easy for the characters to blend in for their respective parts.

Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Canada. The whole island has a basic mix and match of modernity and naturality. Every angle of the island is aesthetically pleasing, making the cinematographer’s work much easier than usual. The mold actually provides the production team to portray the lush green forests. Magnificent mountain ranges and rolling valleys really well, too for the movies. It is actually not the first time Vancouver Island has been used for movies. The island has hosted movies like The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Tv Shows like Supernatural and Chesapeake Shores.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Filming Locations
Town of Vancouver Island

However, the production unit utilized location at Tonquin Beach, which is close to the village of Tofino. Also, some scenes were shot in the city of Victoria, which is at the southern tip of the island. So, not only the outdoors but the indoors have been utilized really well. Because the warmth of the people there are just overwhelming, and the welcoming nature just compliments any sort of assistance required for shooting purpose or more.

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