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When Will New World’s Fresh Start Servers Come Out?

In the game of warriors, adventurous storylines, and creating alliances, New World, has announced the launch of Fresh start servers in the game. Players far and wide are waiting for the game developers to announce the dates so they can experience the much-hyped new changes.

New world, Developed by Amazon Games, is a massively multiplayer RPG where we get to play as a human from the early Seventeenth century. Set in the mystical lands of Aeternum, the game is filled with quests, side missions, expeditions, and so forth. 

The game was first introduced as free-to-play on September 28th, 2021. Soon, it switched to the pay-to-play type and has remained that way ever since. With almost 15 million registered players, but only 15,000 daily users, Amazon Games has probably decided to spice the game up to increase the numbers again.

New world

New World: Discover the secrets of Aeternum

New World: A Representative Of Modern MMORPG

Being the first actual MMORPG from Amazon games, New World was one of the best works this time last year. The beautiful environment with the well-thought-out quests got a lot of players hooked within the first few months. 

Once the players enter the game, they are stranded on a mysterious and magic-filled island with a dark aura. Since it’s a survival game, you’d also have to go out and collect food, supplies, craft materials, equipment, and much more. Players can trade between themselves, but no trader NPC has been provided in the game. 

The Marauders, The Covenant, and The Syndicate are three groups that rule Aeternum, and players can choose anyone to be a part of. Each has its way of playing the game and its own goals. In a recent stat uploaded by Amazon games, it was seen that The Syndicate ends up with the more percentage of players. Regardless, The game has Amazing Graphic designs and Voiceovers.

New World

Stunning Graphics of “New World”

Coming to combat is decent and slightly better if timed properly. The game lets us select an “Attribute” or skill that would increase the ability to handle different types of weapons. This is not permanent and can be modified anytime. The quests themselves are interesting and give a good idea about the storyline.

Players can team up in a group of five, band together on expeditions, and build empires. Compared to the traditional MMORPGs, New World is much harder and more advanced. The game can be one of the best once all the bugs and glitches are fixed and better content is added.

When Will New World Release Its New Servers?

New World had seen a significant decrease in players, as it takes quite a lot of levels, almost 60, to see the game get more interesting. But the Developers aren’t paying a blind eye to it. They have been coming up with monthly updates that make the game much more polished.

New World Fresh Servers

A developer hinting about a Fresh start-server

Recently, we’ve learned that New World could end up having Fresh Start servers. This comes with many other updates, such as better rewards for quests along with more XP, improved locations, and much more involvement with the storyline, to name a few.

The New Servers were expected to release by September 28th, 2022, as this would’ve been one year since its launch, But as of now, there’s no news yet. We can probably expect it to happen in the next weeks or so. One of the game developers said it’ll be out in a few weeks, so it’s safe to say it can be anytime before the end of October 2022.

What Can Be Expected After Its Release:

As the video they uploaded suggests, there’s been a significant improvement in the game since last time. The way the levels work, better beginning gameplay, and many more things have been changed to make the game more enjoyable.

Players who enjoy solo gameplay will be delighted as that’s exactly what the developers are focusing on next. PVE fights will now be more interesting and involved. Gearsets would also be easier to swap, making inventory management much easier. 

The game will continue to be updated each month with many new things, so be sure to witness the development of the New World.

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