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Uncharted Ending Explained: Was The Treasure Ever Found?

Uncharted is a very popular Hollywood film that rose to prominence for its theme and storyline. Moreover, the characters portrayed a very important role in the proceedings too. Since it ended up with a questionable yet exciting conclusion, fans are desperately waiting to know more about the ending of Uncharted. As of now, viewers are pretty excited to get more from this film. And guess what? This is certainly an action-adventure movie, which includes a lot of things and these factors are important to determine the actual viewership details. Even though this movie received mixed reviews, the creators made sure that all the speculations of this film were cleared effortlessly.

Little did you know that the ending of Uncharted is liked by several fans. With each dramatic scene, you’ll be close to receiving all the answers to this movie. Tom Holland became popular with his role as Spiderman in the Marvel series, and guess what? This was the main reason behind him being the lead actor since his presence mattered a lot. Fans were excited to get more and more from Tom’s role in this movie. Apart from this, his role was guaranteed for a very long time.

Plot Summary

According to the storyline of this film, the movie surrounds multiple factors, and these factors are some of the best highlights of Uncharted. The movie revolves around the perfect idea of discovering treasures. And Nathan Drake and Sully were looking forward to getting ahold of the 500-year-old treasure. Moreover, fans were excited to get a comeback of this popular game in the form of a movie. So it is pretty clear that everyone had tremendous expectations from the same.

Uncharted Ending Explained
Uncharted: Tom Holland as Nathan Drake ‘Nate’ and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan ‘Sully’

On the other hand, the Covid restrictions of 2020 made it very difficult for the makers to release the movie sooner. Moreover, Nathan’s character is supposed to know the way these ancient findings have impacted their life. Well, apart from this, viewers were more inclined toward the character of Sully, which is portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. Nevertheless, viewers are well-aware of his stand in the entertainment industry. And over these years, he has inculcated maximum popularity for himself. Even in the story, Nathan can easily figure out tricky riddles and maps, and that’s the main factor in this movie.

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With the help of Juan’s journal, Nathan and Sully agree on the same quest, and they decide to look for the treasure. And this could turn the whole course of their life. Well, speaking of this treasure’s origin, it came into existence through the Magellan Expedition at first. Moreover, Nathan also has his benefits since he wants to find his brother Sam too. Things became even more complicated when they came across multiple hurdles at once. And these barriers were deeply responsible for everything they’ll do ahead. But still, many people had mixed reviews about the ending of Uncharted.

Uncharted Ending Explained

When it comes to the ending of Uncharted, it is kinda disappointing and interesting at the same time. Well, the film takes a different turn once Nathan and Sully step into Barcelona because the treasure is carefully placed there! Even though the duo had their share of ups and downs, Nathan and Sully will always manage to get back together, even if they get into multiple arguments, as both our lead characters are well aware of their current situation. Nathan and Sully need each other to survive this situation. Moreover, they are quick with their thought processes.

Uncharted Premiered in the year 2022
Uncharted: This popular action-adventure film premiered on February 2022

Through their tactics, they stole a Golden Cross, which was one of the most important things for them to use. Nathan and Sully were sure that these crosses were necessary to determine their position to find the treasures that they needed. On the other hand, things became even more difficult when Braddock began to interfere in their plan. Moreover, he even tried to eliminate them. Towards the end of Uncharted, the duo is able to retrieve the treasures, but the on-air action sequences make it even more interesting to watch! The movie ends with Nathan and Sully sacrificing their efforts by throwing a bag of treasure at Braddock, which leads to his immediate death.

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