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Top 5 Anime themed slot games in 2022

Slot machines are a familiar form of gambling in the modern day. Since the invention of the gambling machine in New York in 1891, these machines became the traditional “fruit machines” that were and still are commonplace in casinos today before they further evolved into online slots. They are strictly games of chance, however, online slot machines clearly show the RTP (Return To Player), so players are well informed of their chances when they start playing. The online games themselves are as mesmerising as they are fun, the virtual aspect meaning there are multitudes of themes a player can explore with anime being just one of hundreds.

Moon Princess

Top 5 Anime themed slot games in 2022

The first game in this list is “Moon Princess”, inspired by the anime Sailor Moon. The game was released in July 2017 and developed by the company Play’n GO. Its theme centres around three princesses: Star, Storm and Love, who aid players with their unique powers at random moments. The game is easy to understand, matching three or more of the same symbol in either a horizontal or vertical line earning a win. The special abilities can change the fate of any game – Star adds wild symbols to the board, Storm removes symbols, and Love changes symbols into others. After multiple wins, all princesses use their powers to help players have an even larger win!

Ninja Ways

Ninja Ways is a game created by Red Tiger Gaming released in November 2018. It provides a beautiful experience with a background of a traditional Japanese village illuminating the night surrounding it. The game has a ninja theme, and one even appears on-screen at points to save the player and stimulate winnings. The ninja anime series like Naruto has heavily inspired this game, and it is clear to see how anime such as Naruto, adventure anime series like Sword Art Online and renowned pirate anime series like One Piece have inspired pop culture and now even online slots, with another example such as this online uncharted seas slot game.

Magic Maid Cafe

NetEnt has produced hundreds of slot games, and this is one of their more anime-oriented slots. The theme is of the “Maid Cafe” movement, which first became popular in Japan, where young women wear French maid outfits and serve customers. This trope is widespread in anime, and it seems now even in online casino gaming. Unsurprisingly, this game is most popular in Asia. The game includes a pink and cosy background with dessert symbols representing different values, while also including three symbols of anime-style women, which are worth much more.

Kensei Blades

Kensei Blades is one of the newer games on this list which was released in mid-May of this year by the well-known company Betsoft. The game follows characters Kensei and Sakura on an adventure where Sakura acts as the wild symbol, while Kensei’s blades are symbols that can either grant free spins or multiply a bet whenever 3,4 or 5 of them appear on the screen. The design includes a unique board structure which will appeal to any online gamer, regardless of whether they are a novice or a veteran.

The Neon Samurai Kawa

Swordmaster's Youngest Son chapter

Yet another game based on the rich history of Ninja and Samurai culture in Japan, The Neon Samurai was released in August 2020 and was the debut game of the studio Arcadem. The game’s background is beautiful, featuring a cyberpunk theme while a lone samurai stands on a ledge overlooking the Neon City. This theme is common, with films such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell adding to this trend. The game is fun and addictive, with a futuristic design and random Kawa spin that helps the player get an even larger payout which we think is one of the game’s best features.


In conclusion, anime has clearly influenced pop culture, and now online gaming reflects this popularity. The games featuring this style all showcase unique additions to help the players and boast beautiful backdrops that help to attract gamers, even if they are not fans of anime, showing that they are designed very well and have engaging and distinctive gaming styles.

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