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Top 10 Facts About Deadpool 2 That You Should Know

Even after being R-rated, Deadpool among those superhero franchise movies we would always love to see. We can’t even imagine anyone else playing the character of Deadpool other than Ryan Reynolds. Because he was so perfect for this character. Now that it is confirmed that Deadpool 3 is also coming pretty soon, Today we bring you our pics for Top 10 Facts about Deadpool 2.

In this article, we will not only bring facts from the Deadpool 2 movie, but also from the entire Deadpool franchise, along with the facts from the Deadpool comics. Also, keep in mind that none of these are ranked from best to worst, as it is just hard to determine that, and many may also have different opinions regarding that. Now that we have sorted that, let’s jump into the article.

1. Deadpool is “inspired” by DC’s Deathstroke!

Many may not know, but Deadpool isn’t Marvel’s original character. It was inspired a lot by DC’s Deathstroke. The creator of Deadpool in the comics, Rob Liefeld, was inspired a lot by the DC character that, at some point, we may even say it’s just copied. Not only the look of Deadpool was taken from Deathstroke, but many more than that.

When looking at the similarities between these two characters, both of them use the same kind of weapons-Two ninja swords placed behind their back. Both of them have a similar style in their costume, and if you guessed, you are right. Both of them are mercenaries who are master swordsmen. Also, after forming the character, when the creator was looking for a good name, where did he get inspired from?

Yup, from the Deathstroke itself! Here Slade Wilson, the real name of Deathstroke, becomes Wade Willson. There are even some similarities between these characters’ personalities, as both of their thoughts shift between good and bad. Slade Wilson became Wade Wilson. He was both an inspiration and a parody.

But the character is not entirely copied from Deathstroke, as Deathstroke is a much more harsh character. Also, Deathstroke was at first a Teen Titans villain, but he is now the enemy of Batman. On that part, Deadpool is funny and cool and has never taken any dark path. Also, it was Marvel who made Deadpool famous around the world and gained a lot of money from the franchise, while DC is still not utilizing their characters to their full extend.

2. Brad Pitt Appeared in Deadpool 2 for a cup of coffee!

What is the most wasteful way to use one among the biggest stars in Hollywood? Well, Deadpool 2 has an answer for that. In this movie, we could see Brad Pitt playing the role of vanisher. And as you all know, he was invisible for the entire time, until the point where he got electrified. Yes, they literally asked Brad Pitt to be part of the Deadpool 2 movie, and they used him for almost…Nothing!

Initially, Brad Pitt was approached by director David Leitch to play him the character of Cable. But unfortunately, due to the conflicts in the schedules, they weren’t able to cast him. But still, Leitch asked him if he was ok to join if there is any role for Brad, and he agreed to that. And then something interesting happens.

Vanisher was never meant to be seen in the original script was supposed to remain a mystery. But then the team decided to use it for a celebrity cameo, and the team wanted to call someone who was very hard to get in Hollywood. And guess what who was it? They reached out to Brad Pitt. Interestingly, as this was all for a joke, so both screenwriter Rhett Reese and Pitt decided to make it funnier.

They picked Brad Pitt’s scale: a Starbucks coffee. He wanted a double-wet cappuccino and requested that Ryan Reynolds hand-deliver it to him. And on the day of the shooting, Ryan came in and gave it to him. And what’s more hilarious was that Brad Pitt almost forgot that he wanted a coffee from Ryan. This shows us that not only the movie was funny, but also the cast and crew were also having fun.

3. Deadpool was actually supposed to become a father?

If you remember, at the beginning of the movie, Both Wade and Vanessa were planning for a baby, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. As we all know, Vanessa got shot, and Wade just wanted to end his life. What’s sadder was that they even decided to what to name their sweet little babies. They were planning to call their baby “May” if she was a girl and “Connor” if he was a boy.

But did you know that in the initial writing stage of the script, it was planned to get the couple a cute little sunshine in their life? The movie, in that story, begins five years after their baby is born. Deadpool thus becomes a father! But as they move more deeply into the story, both Ryan Reynolds and the crew thought that the idea of making Deadpool a father of a child won’t be working.

So they scrapped that idea and reworked the script, thus we see the current storyline. Even though it would be great to see Wade and Vanessa having a baby, there may be many other obstacles, which hinder this couple to have a baby. Deadpool getting a baby, and thus he becoming responsible is too much for that silly red guy after all!

4. The Fan of Captain America

If you don’t know then, Deadpool is a true fan of Captain America. It’s also a bit ironic that a mercenary like Deadpool admiring a person like Captain America. Yet Wade Wilson idolizes the star-spangled Avenger. Wade has also conveyed to Cap how he admires him. It could be the reason for how he looks, the one which Wade may never get.

He’s even told Cap how he feels. Maybe it’s the good looks of the Captain, which Wade will never get. The Cap has influenced Deadpool a lot also. But did you know that Cap one used his die heart fan to kill an agent at S.H.E.I.L.D? Yes, this happened in the comics while Steve Rodger was a member of Hydra, a crazed organization that only cares about world domination. Yup, that was really wrong, But it was in comics. Let’s hope that we could see Cap and Deadpool sharing the screen together someday.

Scene from Deadpool 2

5. Juggernaut is voiced by Ryan Reynolds itself

Everybody will remember seeing Juggernaut in Deadpool 2, but he rarely speaks. But whenever he speaks, have you noticed his voice? Even if you have, you may don’t know that Juggernaut was voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds himself!


According to Ryan, they could not afford another actor to give voice to Juggernaut. As their budget was very low, interestingly Ryan Reynolds is the producer of this movie. he does no how to save money! But you may not recognize Ryan’s voice while Juggernaut speaks is because his voice was modulated post-recording.

6. Easter Egg in Deadpool’s Katana

Deadpool in the comics has a huge love towards Bea Arthur, she has played Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls. When Deadpool entered into the films, he also took this love towards Bea Arthur with him. If you have noticed, then you may have seen Wade Wilson wearing a jersey with her face on it. But did you know that Reynolds paid $10,000 for this? Yes, Rayan did this in order to truly honor his character.

The Bea Arthur easter egg doesn’t end there. If you are lucky enough, you could see her name engraved in gold below the Katana of Deadpool. And now, if you ever came to know about Bea Arthur, you can surely tell that she has a die-heart fan that always loves her.

7. The change in crew

The First Deadpool movie was directed by Tim Miller. Initially, the second installment in the Deadpool franchise, Deadpool 2, was also set to be directed by Miller itself. But it doesn’t happen. This was because Tim Miller left the production in October 2016 because of the creative differences between him and Ryan Reynolds, who is the lead and producer and even contributor to the script of the movie.

Although there were many disagreements between both Millet and Reynolds, the biggest among them was about who to be cast on the role of Cable. There were also differences between what tone they should go with the second installment. While Miller wanted the second part to be more bombastic, Reynolds disagreed with that and said that he wanted the movie to focus more on wit and humor, which was one of the reasons why everyone loved the first part. That made the first movie such a success.

Along with that, Miller also wanted the movie to be a more stylized version. This in return could be very expensive. Miller wanted to experiment with the new Deadpool movie, which cost’s a lot and was also risky. Seeing how much risky it was, no one among Reynolds, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick were ready to take the movie in that path.

Thus David Leitch, famous for his John Wick director. Thus we were able to see some good action scenes in this sequel. But, interestingly, we won’t be seeing him directing the next Deadpool movie. We need to wait to see who it will be. Along with the change in director, there was also a change in the screenwriters. Initially, it was decided that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will do the screenwriting for the movie. But later on, both Ryan Reynolds and Drew Goddard also joined the team as they also had ideas for the film’s script.

8. Deadpool Knew Domino Would be Alive?

The chances are that he may be. It seems sad and cruel at the same time, as this could also just was happened by Deadpool “Unintentionally”. After recruiting his team for X-Force, we could see Deadpool using a knife to pin the photos of the members whom he chooses for his team. When you notice, the photos of Peter, Shatterstar, The Vanisher, Bedlam, and Zeitgeist were all pinned using a knife.

But, for Domino, he just used a regular thumbtack. This was clearly an easter egg, which hinted that only Domino from the X-Force would survive and for others, it will be a sad ending. If you remember, later in this film, everyone, except Deadpool and Domino after the skydiving, met a bad and fatal ending. All of those other members died in a very depressing way.

It was only Deadpool and Domino who could make it to the battle to rescue Russell, also known as Firefist. And they fought against Cable in order to prevent him from killing Russel. But Deadpool had a good heart to save our sweet peter after he got Cable’s time machine. But we are still sad to see that X-Force wasn’t able to make it into a team, especially the which had Brad Pitt, even though he was invincible.

9. Deadpool was Venom once?

We all know Venom. The alien entity which can’t live upon its own. It requires a host body to survive, where it will take control of that host body of that victim. Venom always chooses the host who either has a strong mind or the one whose mind is too damaged. It’s no wonder that Venom got attracted to Deadpool’s body, think about Deadpool in beast mode, and what if he is affected by Venom? That would be chaotic!

Venom first appeared in the 1984’s Secret war comic, where Spider-Man chooses a black suit, which turns out to be Venom. Years later when Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars released, this comic took the readers again to the time when Spider-Man met Venom for the first time. And it turns out that, before hosting in the body of Peter Parker, Venom used Wade’s body as the body to host! Imagine the chaos that Venom could bring with taking control of Deadpool’s body? Glad that it is in the comics!

10. Breaking the Fourth Wall

We all know how much Deadpool loves to break the fourth wall. If you don’t know Fourth wall is an invisible wall that separates the audiences from the actors. This is the same for the comics also. There is an invisible wall that separates the readers from the characters in the comic book. Both actors and characters in movies and Comics live in their own world, which they are unaware that someone is watching or reading their life in that world.

We all know how much Deadpool is obsessed with breaking the fourth wall. This is the same for the comics also. Deadpool is the best when it comes to breaking the fourth wall. In the movies, he speaks to the audience constantly. And in the comics, also he did the same, thanks to writer Joe Kelly. What do you think about our pics for Top 10 Deadpool 2 facts? Do Let us know your thoughts.

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