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Thor: Love And Thunder Ending Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder ending is so awesome and for any fan who has not understood it yet, we have wrapped the details for you. The film was released just now on the 7thbof July and making headlines ever since last week. The main character is obviously Thor. Marvel Studios have produced this series in association with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film serves as a direct sequel to Thir Ragnarok from 2017. Previously we have seen the Ragnarok happening and how it was supposed to destroy the antagonist forces.

The main villain in the previous film was Hella, Loki, and Thor’s sister. We surely did not know about her until this film. Given the fact that all the inheritance will be passed on to Thor for Asguard, Hella came in to take her share. Well, more like kill Thor and Loki and rule Asguard on her own. But when Ragnarok happened, it destroyed Asguard and Hella died and burnt in the same fire. Well, we saw how there was no mention of Jane Foster in the film.

Taika Waititi, the director of the Thor films has expressed his concern over the issue. He wanted to explore the relationship of Thor with Jane even more but could not get a chance to do so in the previous installment. Thus, Love and Thunder will serve the exact same purpose. With Jane Foster becoming Super Thor and having most of the abilities as her male counterpart, we can expect the duo to save the world together yet again.

The villain is more horrifying this time though. We will see the return of Gorr the God Butcher. He wants to kill all the Gods from the universe. Given the fact that Thor is the God of Thunder, his life is obviously in danger.

Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained

A still of Valkyrie and Jane Foster from Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder Ending Explained

In order to understand the ending, let us first understand the beginning. The film will see Guardians of the Galaxy in the first scene itself. Well, the team will part ways with the God of Thunder. When they locate Sid who has sent them a distress signal, he explains to Thor about Gorr. He has a weapon with which gods can be killed easily. Gorr wants to take revenge on every God because they ignored his plea for help when his family died. Gorr has set his eyes upon the New Asguard which Thor is trying to build.

Jane has cancer and she arrives at Asguard to meet with Thor and seek a cure for her health issues. Mjolnir obviously senses potential and gives itself to a power worthy of that. When Gorr attacks Asguard and Jane helps to save it from the short-lived attack, the hammer attaches itself to her. Thus, Thor teams up with her along with Valkyrie as well as Korg in order to defeat Gorr once and for all.

The group then tries to seek help from other Gods who have the same danger from Gorr as Asguard does. The group is seen traveling to Omnipotent City. Well, Zeus from Olympia has no interest in helping Thor and instead, captures him along with his friends. Thus, the team has to fight them off and Korg gets heavily injured. This makes Thor really angry, and thus, he attacks Zeus with his own weapon. While escaping from the planet, Valkyrie steals this Thunderbolt from Zeus.

What Happens to Asguard?

Later, the group travels to the Shadow Realm where Gorr is currently living. They desperately want to save the children who have been kidnapped by the villain from Asguard. When the group tries to fight him off, Gorr uses his weapon to open a portal to Eternity. Valkyrie and Jane get injured while stopping him to achieve his goals. This is when Thor shares his power with the children of Asguard who help him in his fight against Gorr at the moment. After a little bit of distraction and rest, Jane goes and joins Thor in saving the world and fighting off Gorr.

After the villain has been defeated, he accepts that his main purpose was not to kill all the gods but to rather get his daughter Love back from eternity. Love comes back to life through the portal. Gorr asks Thor to take care of her. Everything settles down and the group returns to Asguard to start their new life. Later in the mid-credit scenes, we see that their pride Zeus is hurt. Thus, he plans to send his son Hercules to kill Thor. This might mean we will get another film of Thor in the distant future. Also, Valkyrie is now the new leader of New Asguard.

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