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Speak No Evil Ending Explained: Expanding the Boundaries

Speak No Evil ending needs an obvious explanation and we are here for the same. Well, 2022 has been a great year for horror releases with more of them lined up for this upcoming Halloween season. Christian Tafdrup has directed this new movie which serves us horror as well as mystery genres on a hot platter. We see actor Morten Burian in the lead role along with Sidsel Siem Koch.

They reprise the role of Bjorn and Louise respectively. Fedja van Huet enacts the character of Patrick. Karina Smulders does the part of Karin. The film has been released on Shudder. Speak No Evil ending is not only mysterious but also gives us a moral choice to think about and let us discuss more them.

The movie also has psychological themes and sometimes a little dark comedy. We see two families meeting on a vacation as the one invited the other to have dinner with them. We see Bjorn who is quite meek and soft-spoken meeting with Patrick, who is an extrovert while the two are spending time with their families on vacation. Patrick invites Bjorn and his family over to his house for dinner after having a lot of conversation with each other.

Speak No Evil Ending Explained

A still from Speak No Evil


Louise and their child Agnes also join the invitation. Upon reaching their house, the simple family is greeted by Karin and their don named Abel who is quite silent and creepy. Bjorn and his wife spend most of the evening trying to not be offensive and rude to their hosts and the other family makes them very uncomfortable. They continuously cross their boundaries and try to belittle them, especially Bjorn.

As the movie passes on and the moments go by, we try to understand everything that is wrong with the Dutch family led by Patrick. I mean, they sure are creepy as hell but also, there is something beyond the surface. We see that Karin forces Louise to eat meat even though she does not. Bjorn is also forced to pay a lot of money for their expensive meal. As for the kids, they are left alone in the care of a babysitter named Muhajid.

Things start to get out of hand even more as Patrick behaves unreasonably. He watches Louise as she showers and then also yells and abuses Abel and Agnes when they mess up a dance routine. When Louise convinces her husband to leave this strange household, the couple finds their daughter sleeping in Patrick’s room along with Karin, who is completely naked.

Although, they do not escape as they initially planned to do so. Their car breaks down in the middle of the woods on their way back, and as Bjorn leaves the car in order to get help, he comes back to find that Patrick and Karin have taken Louise and Agnes as hostages.

Speak No Evil Ending Explained

Patrick and Karin are actually sadistic criminals. Abel is not their child. They have kidnapped him and put his tongue off so that he does not say the truth. Bjorn, when he goes back to their house in order to find his wife and kid, also finds out the dead body of Abel as Patrick has killed him. The family also tends to do the same with Agnes and Louise.

By the end, we see that the couple cuts out Agnes’ tongue as well and takes her away. Them Patrick drives Louise and Bjorn and stones them to death. The ending reflects upon the fact that how people’s inability to speak up when others are being outright offensive is what can cause them trouble in the end. The project is beautifully made and showcases everything that is wrong with people trying to keep calm when their boundaries are broken.

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