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Sing “Yesterday” for me: It’s all about the aesthetic. [Featured]

You know when you look up anime aesthetic pictures? well sing “yesterday” for me has a treasure trove of them. Almost every single scene can be used an aesthetic picture.


Ok, I’m gonna be honest I’m a sucker for romance and no matter how bad or how good the romance anime is I’m gonna watch it. I heard some great things about Sing “yesterday” for me and when I saw that it was nominated for drama of the year over Oregiaru on the CrunchyRoll anime awards I was sold. Something had to be good about this show that so many people liked it? this show must have a great story with great characters and good drama? right? right?

Oregiaru is lightyears above sing “yesterday” for me and I mean they are not even in the same atmosphere. Did people who nominated this show for drama of the year really watch the ending? like do you even know what happens? first of all the show is pretty slow and trust me I don’t mind that I don’t need a new waifu introduced every episode as long as there is progression I’m ok with that but there is no progression. The animation is nothing crazy. The art is acceptable. The show solely relies on the story and drama to carry it which well safe to say it doesn’t. In my opinion it’s not worth watching.


There are some good aspects of this show. The mood and the aesthetic set is beautiful. There are some moments in this show that hit deep like when he says “are you worried that trying too hard will make you look lame?” and string a chord with the audience but that alone cannot possibly carry the whole show.


Progression is a joke in this show Shinako keeps going back to Rou and having the same conversation again and again while Rou who is as mature as a 15 year old keeps going after her again and again because he thinks that he can replicate what his brother was to Shinako which he obviously can’t.

Don’t get me started with the ending your telling me that my guy Rikou who saved himself and waited for his college crush Shinako his whole life doesn’t end up with her? meanwhile this entitled brat Rou who thinks that he needs to mature faster so that Shinako would fall for him gets to win? the show tried so hard to make Haru seem like best girl and then gave way more character development to Shinkao making everyone fall in love with her. The endling falls flat. There is absolutely no payoff at the end.

Now if you still want to watch sing “yesterday” for me you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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