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Remember Me Ending Explained: The Voiceover

Remember Me Ending needs an obvious explanation, and we are here for it. The movie was released back in 2010 and gave us the themes of coming-age teenage drama along with loads of romance. Allen Coulter directed the film. Robert Pattison is the lead role in the film along with other cast members, such as Emilie de Ravin, starring as his character’s love interest.

The ending of the film was quite twisted even though the film was going on in a great way. This is what divided the audience into having a love-hate relationship with the film. The movie was a moderate success at the box office. It was made on a budget of 16 million dollars and earned approximately 56 million dollars upon its release

The plot of the film starts with Ally, who is a student at New York University. The is living in the city along with her father Neil, who is working in the NYPD. Then we see Robert’s role ad Tyler Hawkins. He works at the University bookshop and audits the classes at the University. They have a workaholic father named Charles, who is a businessman. Tyler also has a sister named Caroline.

Remember Me Ending Explained

A still of Ally and Tyler from Remember Me

Remember Me Plot

The film starts with the night that Tyler and his roommate get involved in a fight and are thus arrested by Neil. Later, Charles, who is a wealthy man, bails the kids out. Soon, while Neil must be dropping Ally off at school, Aidan spots them. He asks Tyler to get back at her father by sleeping with her and then dumping her. This is how Tyler and Ally meet and start seeing each other.

While they are going out, Ally sees a tattoo on Tyler’s chest which says, Michael. He reveals that it was his brother who died by suicide years ago. Ally also lays out her past experiences, such as how her mother was mugged and brutally shot. They start to have a trauma bond with each other. Soon, Aidan convinces them both to attend a party with him where Ally gets drunk. After her father gets mad at her for coming home drunk, she flees her house and goes to Tyler’s.

This is when the two sleep together. Tyler starts having his personal issues with his father when he fails to show up at the art gallery in which Caroline was featured. Later that night, Neil’s colleague in the NYPD sees Tyler and Ally together on a train and informs him.

This is why Ally’s father breaks into his apartment to find out the real reason why is he dating his daughter. This provokes a confrontation with Ally and she leaves the place only heartbroken. Later, Aiden visits her place to explain to her that Tyler truly loves her and that it was all his fault in the beginning.

Remember Me Ending Explained

Soon when Tyler tries to save Caroline from a bunch of bullies on her birthday, he gets into a fight and ends up in custody. This impresses his father Charles over how he is taking care of his sister and the two bond again. That night, Ally and Tyler stay with each other at his father’s office where they confess their love for each other.

The next day, Charles calls Tyler saying that he will be late as he is dropping off Caroline at school. He is happy to see that the two are bonding over and opens up his father’s computer to see a slideshow of him, Michael, and Caroline. At Caroline’s school, the teacher writes the date on the board which is September 1, 2001. As for Tyler, his father’s office is located on the 101st floor of the World Trade Centre and we all know how that story ended.

There is a voiceover from Tyler’s diary where we understand that he has forgotten his brother Micahel for killing himself. The rest of the people he knew move on with their lives as Aidan gets a tattoo of Tyler on his arm, Ally boards the train where her mother was shot, and Charles and Caroline seem to have a great relationship with each other.

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