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Redfall Game: Release Date, Characters & Abilities

Bethesda fans have been waiting for a game from the studio, and in this article, we’ll be looking in detail at the release date for Redfall, the studio’s latest entry to their game library. Redfall will be an open-world, action-adventure first-person shooter game with single-player and co-operative multiplayer modes. At first, players can choose between the four playable characters, each with their unique backgrounds and abilities. Players can fight against vampires as well as human enemies in the game.

The game is set on an island called Redfall, Massachusetts. After a science experiment goes wrong, a legion of vampires invades and isolates the town from the outside world. Trapped inside the island, the players must choose among four unique survivors. Devinder Crousley, a cryptozoologist, and inventor, Layla Ellison, a telekinetic student, Remi de la Rosa, a combat engineer and Jacob Boyer, the supernatural sharpshooter. Together, they need to slay their enemies, vampires and humans alike. The game was first revealed in the Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 showcase as the final game, but the gameplay footage was not shown, except only the game’s cinematic trailer was unveiled. In this article, we will be looking in detail at the Redfall release date and everything you need to know.

RedFall Release Date

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Redfall Release Date

According to the official sources, Redfall is set to be released in summer 2022 for both Windows and on both Xbox Series S and X. We will be required to wait a little more to know about the specific date. Other than revealing the trailer in the Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 event, players haven’t gotten any chance to see the gameplay of Redfall. Until the gameplay video is revealed, we have to rely on the officially revealed information.

As of now, we know that Redfall is a first-person shooter set in an open-world Massachusetts, where players need to fight against a Vampiric threat that has overtaken their small town. When looking at the leaked images, the game looks similar to Borderlands. We can see customizable load-outs, level requirements, special abilities, and plenty of loot.

Players can equip three weapons along with armor, a memento, a medkit, and remnants. While we still don’t know the functions of half of these items, we can assume that it could be somehow helpful for the players for both in combat and in restoring their health. The game also carries a diverse roster of heroes, each with unique abilities.

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Redfall characters and their abilities

As we have mentioned before, Redfall will have a lot of characters, each with their abilities and specialties. According to the trailer, Jacob Boyer, the supernatural sharpshooter, carries a sniper rifle and has the power to turn invisible. Jacob’s eye glows with a misty white essence at some point, which hints that he has some sort of special abilities such as enhanced aiming abilities when activated.

Another character called Remi de la Rosa carries an automatic assault rifle and is accompanied by a cute little robot. The robot can fire bullets or use its weight to crush vampires. We need to wait for more to see if Remi has more robots to choose from as her sidekick can make any customizations in these robots. She also has a freeze ray that can turn vampires into ice dust.


As for Layla Ellison, she carries a semi-automatic assault rifle and has some sort of cosmic power. Layla can use her cosmic powers to shift gravity and temporarily float above the battlefield. In the trailer, it is sent that she uses her power to scale a building at some point. It is also excepted that she can channel some of her power into a death ray umbrella that demolishes the vampires.

Devinder Crousley carries a stake launcher to skewer enemies and enjoys recording his encounters with these vampiric creatures. He can also be seen using some kinds of flare launchers. The trailer also tells us that while vampires overrun the town, the game’s tone seems funny rather than serious. Since Redfall is an open-world game, players can explore this town, according to their choice.

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