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Pale Rider Ending Explained: The Twist That Changed It All

The Pale Rider ending was a bit twisty, and we are here to explain it all to you guys. The film was released all the way back in 1985. Clint Eastwood has directed the project and stars in the lead role. The title of the movie is inspired by the religious cover of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The focus is laid on the pale horse ghost rider, which symbolizes death in the holy texts. This was one of the most successful films in the 80s. It was made on a budget of just 6.9 million dollars. Upon its release, the film was able to gross over 41.4 million dollars at the box office.

Coming to the story of the film is set in LaHood, California. It is a snowy mountain town. Some men outside of this town are mining and destroying the independent prospectors’ camp. A dog belonging to a girl 14 years of age named Megan Wheeler is shot in the process. After she gives her sog a proper burial, she prays to god and asks her for a miracle that would help save them all from the wrath of their enemies. Soon, magic happens, and thunder starts to roll. A pale horseman rides towards their home.

Pale Rider Ending Explained

A still from Pale Rider

Pale Rider Plot 

As for Sarah, the mother of Megan, she is being wooed by Hull Barret. He stepped into their lives when Sarah’s actual father abandoned his family. While Hull is heading over to the town in order to gather some supplies, he is beaten by the men working for Lahood.

Before any major harm could be done, the strange sent from God interferes and fights the enemies off. After Hull is saved, he invites the stranger to his home for dinner. We see that the man has six bullet holes in the back. When he sits down at the table, he is wearing a clerical collar and thus is referred to as a Preacher.

Joshua Lahood is the son of the enemy, and he tries to scare off the Preacher by showing a full display of strength. He meets a man named Club who can split a huge rock in two with just a single blow of his hammer. Although, the Preacher is able to fight him off as well.

When Lahood himself returns to the land, he is furious about the presence of the Preacher. Given the fact that the Prospectors were already so hard to banish from the mining lands, with the Preacher on their side, it will be even harder to remove them. Thus, Lahood decides to bribe the people who hold the land off by giving them 1000 dollars each. Initially, the land owners consider the offer but deny it unitedly when Hull reminds them of their sacrifices.

Pale Rider Ending Explained

The next day, we see that the Preacher has disappeared. This news could not have come at a worse time because Megan has now gone to the Lahood mining camp to pursue the leaders towards a good cause. Instead, Joshua tries to rape her as his men cheer on him. To save the day, The Preacher strikes again and rescues Megan. He shoots Joshua through his hand.

Soon, we see that Sarah has developed feelings for the Preacher but intends to marry Hull despite that. We see that the Preacher and the Hull have blown up the mining sites with dynamite later in order to prevent Lahood from advancing. The preacher then rides into the town all alone after distracting Hull. As the Preacher tries to fight off Stockburn, the latter is shocked because he has seen him before as well.

As for Lahood, he is watching the entire fight from his office and tries to aim his gun at the Preacher. He is then fought off by Hull, who shoots him in the head instead. By the end of the film, we see that peace has been established in the place. As Megan and the Preacher decide to marry, she professes her love for him, and the words echo across the entire canyon.

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