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Lost Ark Destroyer: All To Know About The Release

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date
Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date in May is making players wonder what is it containing and when is it dropping? After you read our scoop, you will have a better understanding of what it is all about. Moreover, the wait is almost over. That’s what we can tease you. We’re already in May and judging from what the developers have in mind, it will be a very fun month!

If you’re unfamiliar with Lost Ark, it’s an MMORPG developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. Amazon Games in the western hemisphere distribute it, and it has received quite the traction. Since the game dropped in 2019, it has won several awards at the prestigious Korea Game Awards, and it’s built on Unreal Engine 3. Now without further ado, let’s see what this update contains.

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date
Still from the gameplay

Legion Raid Valtan

Lost Ark finally gets its first raid! Moreover, it is a co-op challenge that every player with a level 1415 can access for normal— or 1445 —for hard. If you do a Legion Raid successfully, you receive the chance of obtaining a new rarity level item: a Relic.

Challenge Guardian Raids

Deskaluda isn’t the only upgrade arriving at the Guardian Raids this month; Challenge Guardian Raids will be released as difficult weekly content for those wishing to earn some extra prizes to confront head-on. Three Guardian Raid monsters will be available for the challenge each week if they match their item level criteria, with a single Guardian rotating out every week.

What’s tricky about these guys is that they apply a ‘Scale of Balance’ effect on all players that take them on, modifying your item rank so you can’t dominate them as in typical raids. You also can’t utilize the combat workshop in them, so you’ll have to have your wits about you once you enter the arena. Lastly, Challenge Guardian Raid awards can be collected once for each roster per week and provide a wider variety of goodies than standard Guardian Raids.

The Destroyer Class

One of the latest updates and developments for Lost Ark will be that the Destroyer will be part of the game’s Advanced Warrior Class. Moreover, he will join the Berserker, Gunlancer, and Paladin. Additionally, the Destroyer kills his enemy with a giant hammer that also stuns his foes. Apart from his stun ability attack, he can hurl, push, and slow down the enemies in front of him!

And from the looks of it, it seems as though the destroyer will be at the front of the battle. A sort of tank that will be in charge of handling the advance and pushing forward the team on the battlefield.

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date
The destroyer class

Guild Activities

With the May update, there are a few new PvP and PvE content that you and your guild buddies can partake in. Firstly, there’s the PvP Island Siege, where your guild plays off against another guild. You get to capture objectives, kill off other players, earn points, and decide the winner from whoever does the best. You’ll get prizes like accessories, gems, and other surprises.

Then there’s the PvE Raid match with you and your buddies facing off against a Sylmael Devourer. You gotta kill that thing fast before it takes you out. The faster, the better, and whoever does the best ranks in the server and gets lots of rewards. So do your very best!

New Skins: Modern Looks

The New Lost Ark skins are all about modern looks. From tank tops, converses, shorts, blue jeans, high heels to short dresses, baseball caps, t-shirts, and plaid jackets. These are time-limited. And you can only get these via the Neria’s Wardrobe for one month. And likely after the May update release.

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date
Modern-looking skins available for a limited time

Lost Ark Destroyer Release Date

Lost Ark Destroyer will release in May 2022. As to the specifics of the date, we’re not sure. Still, we have a few clues. If the developers of this wildly entertaining game follow the pattern they did in April, the update might land by the end of May. Moreover, the developers of the game claim that a sufficient portion of the players have the level cap to engage in the next endgame content, then they will launch the update. And with that, we are concluding our scoop on Lost Ark’s latest developments here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article, and happy gaming. See you soon!

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