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Lies Of P: The Dark & Sinister Iteration Of Pinocchio Comes Through Soulslike Game

Everything We Know About Lies Of P
From The Cinematic Trailer Of Lies Of P

Soulslike games have become a staple for the past decade, and now there is a brand new iteration of a children’s story recreating itself in the same genre for a far darker and sinister turn. Round8 Studio, popular for the game Bless Unleashed, has joined hands with Neowiz, the publisher of games such as Dandy Ace, DJMax Respect, and Skul: The Hero Slayer, to bring in the story of Pinocchio, which is way different than the one everyone knows in the form of Lies Of P.

Taking a look at the same, here we are breaking down how far the development of the Lie Of P has come along with its potential release date. Apart from that, we will also dive into the story, features, and the world the game will be presenting us. Also, how it will translate the story into a gaming mechanism as the players will find themselves roaming a destroyed world where humans have vanished. So let’s begin.

Lies Of P – What Is It About?

Lies Of P takes inspiration popular kid’s tale of Pinocchio. Far far away from 1940 film, the video game over here brings horror vibes and goes back to its roots with Carlo Collodi’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. Thus bringing a far darker and sinister version of the original story to the players.

What Is Lies Of P All About?
From The Cinematic Trailer Of Lies Of P

According to the official press release by Development Director Jiwon Choi, Lies Of P is the culmination of dreams and nightmares. The game brings a completely different version that has not arrived in any form of media before. According to Jiwon Choi, Pinnochio has always been that dark, grimy tale of lies the world takes a cue from to move on in life.

The game sees players filling in the shoes of Pinocchio as they look for Mr. Geppetto in a city where humanity has vanished and is now ruled by ghouls. The game will present the darker version of both the characters of Pinocchio and Mr. Gepetto. The story trailer on its side presents the ruins of Krat as we see an abandoned city for the first half while the second half sees the bodies lying around in the city. As they move into the game, players will learn what happened to the “dark Belle Epoque world”.

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Lies Of P Gameplay

The gameplay trailer of Lies Of P further translates how the game picks up the mechanics, systems, and RPG elements. Overall it is more or less like the traditional gameplay a Soulslike game picks up. You can attack, dodge, and further defend yourself as you play and roam the beautiful ruins of the city.

Release Date, Gameplay and More About Lies Of P
From The Gameplay Trailer Of Lies Of P

The game is further based on a lie system. What you choose to do will affect your further gameplay. The more you lie, the more human Pinocchio will become. This aspect of the game will have its own advantages and disadvantages. As you move into the story, you will have options to upgrade Pinocchio’s arm accordingly, thus allowing you to sharpen your skills as you fight your way further.

As impressive as the game looks visually, the most recent update suggests that game is planning to target higher resolutions. On PS5 and Xbox Series X, the players can opt for Performance mode or Quality Mode. Performance Mode on its side pushes the game to 1440p and 60 FPS, while Quality Mode comes with 4K resolutions and 30 FPS. For now, the 60 FPS for quality mode is still in the works. Apart from PS5 and Xbox Series X, Lies Of P will also be available on PC

Lies Of P Release Date

Lies Of P is still in the dark when it comes to the release date. Neowiz and Round8 Studio had announced the game way back in May of 2021. Officially as of now, the game has still listed its release date to be TBA on its official Steam Page. The last update on the game was in November of 2021, which stated that the game is in the pre-alpha stage. Counting on that, the best date for the release of Lies Of P could be late 2022 or early 2023.

Check Out The Cinematic Story Trailer Of Lies Of P:

Gameplay Trailer Of Lies Of P:

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