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How To Watch Wrath Of Man, Is It Available On HBO Max?

Wrath Of Man marks the reunion of Jason Statham and director Guy Ritchie after a long time in a while. The last movie they did together was back in 2005 called the Revolver. Another crime drama venture and it’s been more than 15 years now. Wrath Of Man marks the duo’s fourth collaboration, and the movie is now officially running in theatres and promises to be an action-packed adventure. Guy Ritchie directed the film aided by Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies as the co-writers. Luc Besson, Virginie Silla, and Marty Katz serve as the producers of the film under Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Miramax.

Wrath of Man is based on the 2004 French film Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief. It sees Statham as the new member at a Security Organization with unmatched skills. Thus, establishing his history to be mysterious. As the movie got its slow release in theatres, everyone is wondering if it is available to watch online. So here we are covering where you can watch the film and when you can expect it to arrive if not available right now.

Where To Watch  Wrath of Man?

Wrath Of Man is available to watch only in your theatres nearby as of now. After a number of delays and shifts here and there, the movie officially released to international viewers in several countries on April 22, 2021. These included countries such as Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany. It was recently released in the United States of America on May 7th and in China on May 10th, 2021.

Wrath Of Man Is Available Only In Theatres For Now

Still From The Official Trailer Of Wrath of Man Featuring Jason Statham

The other international viewers looking forward to watching Wrath Of Man might need to wait for a little. The movie isn’t available on any of the streaming platforms to watch, buy or rent. Right now, we are looking at HBO Max to be a strong contender to acquire the streaming rights of Wrath if Man.

Is Wrath of Man available on HBO Max?’

Wrath Of Man is enjoying a good theatre run in theatres as of now. Since Miramax and Metro Goldwyn Mayer who produced Wrath of Man are the third-party content providers to HBO Max. It’s highly likely the movie will land on the HBO Max whenever the studios intend to release it digitally. As for now, the creators or the studios haven’t revealed any details or plans on Wrath Of Man’s digital release. We will get back to you once the official digital release is up for Wrath Of Man. But if we look at the process of HBO Max releasing the films, Wrath Of Man should arrive on the platform in some eight months after its theatre release.

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Wrath Of Man Plot

The official synopsis of Wrath Of Man tells the story of Patrick “H” Hill joining the Portico Security as the new security guard. He manages to impress his co-workers with his absolute best skillset during a heist. The incident turns a lot of heads around wanting to know the real history behind the new member. That’s when we head into the past to realize Hill actually lost his son Dougie. Now with Dougie’s mother blaming H for Dougie’s death, he returns to London to clear his mind. But in reality, with a clear motive to take the culprits down who killed his son.

Wrath Of Man Plot

A Still From The Official Trailer Of Wrath of Man Featuring Jason Statham and Holt McCallany

From the official trailer of Wrath Of Man, it seems like the movie is an action blockbuster with shots fired here and there. Also accompanied with twists and turns of its own. So if you are looking for an adventure watch, Wrath Of Man it is. The movie has been receiving mixed to average reviews. But considering the Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie fanbase, the movie is so far doing commercially well. Check out the official trailer for Wrath Of Man Below.

Wrath Of Man Cast

The Cast of Wrath Of Man is of course led by Jason Statham. He plays the role of the new member at the Fortico Security  Patrick “H” Hill. Joining Patrick is Holt McCallany as Bullet who oversees the training of Hill. Jeffrey Donovan joins the film in the role of Jackson along with Chris Reilly as Tom, Josh Hartnett as Boy Sweat Dave, Laz Alonso as Carlos, Raúl Castillo as Sam, DeObia Oparei as Brad, and Eddie Marsan as Terry.

Also, joining the cast of Wrath of Man includes the likes of Scott Eastwood as Jan, Niamh Algar in the role of Dana Curtis, Babs Olusanmokun as Moggy, and Josh Cowdery as FBI Agent Hubbard. The rest of the supporting cast includes Andy García as The King, Rob Delaney as Boss Blake Halls, Lyne Renée as Kirsty, and Post Malone as a robber.

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