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How To Watch Groundhog Day? Streaming Guide

Despite the film releasing in 1993, fans are still curious about how you watch Groundhog Day. It is a fantasy film with elements of comedy and drama in it. Harold Ramis has directed the project. The spotlight is placed on the character of Bill Murray. He reprises the role of Phil Connors. Phil is a cynical television weatherman. He is supposed to attend the Groundhog Day event taking place in Punxsutawney located in Pennsylvania. The major deal comes in the story when the man gets stuck in the day. This means that he will have to attend the 2nd of February on a loop. The movie was a box office success. It was made on a budget of a maximum of 30 million dollars and grossed over 105 million dollars upon its release. Let us now discuss how the events go down in the film.

It all starts with Phil Conners who is a weatherman. It is the 1st of February and he is asked to review the weather on the 2nd of February in Pennsylvania. He assures the watchers that a blizzard that is approaching the nearby area will miss the city. He makes it quite clear that the job he has been doing is not making him feel so good and thus, will be leaving the station soon. He arrives at the event along with his producer.

On the next day as he wakes up to the end of February, the days of the Groundhog Event, he gives some weather reports which turn out to be false. Despite his assurances of the storm not hitting the area, it all becomes false and the blizzard does hit. This means that all the events will be canceled. Phil tries to leave the place as soon as possible but well, nobody lets him do that with the awful weather. This means he is stuck at the Cherry Tree Inn for the rest of the day. The next day, Phil wakes up once again at the exact same time and feels like he is having a deja vu. All of the events from yesterday start happening to him.

How to Watch Groundhog Day

A still from Groundhog Day

Once again, he is unable to leave the town and being tired, goes back to bed at night once again. Soon, Phil realizes that he is actually stuck in a time loop. The 2nd of February is repeating again and again. He tries to talk to Rita about it who suggests he goes to a neurologist to check his brain. Nobody seems to have taken notice of this loop except for him. Well, he gets a ticket from the police and spends the night in jail only to wake up at the Cherry Tree Inn at the exact same time.

How to Watch Groundhog Day


Hulu is streaming Groundhog Day right now. You can have an access to the service for 13.99 dollars a month. This is a version supported by ads. If you do not like interruptions, I suggest you go for the higher ad-free version at 19.99 dollars. Hulu comes with a free trial for seven days. This way, you can watch the film for absolutely free.

Amazon Prime Video + AMC Plus

You can the film through a bundled subscription of AMC Plus with Amazon Prime Video. It also comes with a free trial of seven days. This means Groundhog Days can be streamed for free. Other than that, fans can also rent the film in Ultra HD for 3.99 dollars. You can also buy Ultra HD for 14.99 dollars.


Turns out, that Phil can do literally anything that he wants in the day and there will be no consequences to his actions. He already knows everything that is going to happen next and thus, starts manipulating the people of the town to his advantage. He engages in robbery and other dangerous activities. Ultimately, he tries to take a chance on seducing Rita. Although there is an issue. Rita obviously does not like his advances and denies him in every way possible to mankind each day.

Finally, Phil is able to convince Rita that he is stuck in a time loop by showing exactly what happens to each person around them. Well, Rita lays her point of view and asks him to see things in another way. The experiences he is having can actually be used for the betterment of the people around him. Soon, he starts developing real feelings for her, and in order to know what happens in the end, I suggest you watch the film through the aforementioned platforms.

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