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How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate?

One of the major confusion among the players is How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has over 70 characters to unlock, making it difficult to figure out how to get your favorite fighter! There are several ways to unlock each character, but it’s not immediately obvious how to do so. You could simply play through the matches until you get them all, but we’ve already uncovered the different paths for each character to save you time.

Super Smash Bros. has been a growing collection of all the most iconic characters in gaming since its debut title on the N64. What began as a celebration of Nintendo characters has since expanded to include characters from dozens of other developers and franchises. Starting with Snake and Sonic, one of the most unexpected new characters to appear as DLC for Super Smash Bros. 4 was Cloud Strife, the iconic Final Fantasy 7 hero.

Since Smash Ultimate included every character ever featured in the series up to that point, many fans were eager to get their hands on their favorite spikey-haired swordsman as soon as possible. If you haven’t already unlocked Cloud’s spot on the roster, here’s how.

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How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate?

Classic Mode is your best bet if you want to Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate as soon as possible. Classic Mode must be completed six times with one or more of the following characters: Samus, Inkling, Wii Fit Trainer, Pit, Incineroar Dark Samus.

Unfortunately, there is no super-fast method for unlocking Cloud. He’s still one of the later characters you’ll unlock if you unlock him through Smash Mode or World of Light. Here are the three ways to get Cloud in the game, and we’ll go over each one in more detail later:

  1. He can be found in World of Light.
  2. Play Classic Mode with different characters.
  3. Unlock him by playing different game modes and waiting for new challengers.

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How to Unlock Cloud in Classic Mode?

The classic mode consists of a seven-round series of challenges capped off with a boss battle. It harkens back to the single-player modes of previous titles, specifically Smashes43 64. However, unlike in Smash 64, each character in Ultimate has their own Classic mode route that is unique to them. Not only are the battles unique, but so are the rewards. Depending on who you play as, beating the game multiple times will unlock new characters.

If you want to unlock Cloud, you’ll need to play the Classic mode as Samus six times. In order, all of the characters you can unlock while playing Samus are:

  1. Inkling
  2. Wii Fit Trainer
  3. Pit
  4. Incineroar
  5. Dark Samus
  6. Cloud
  7. Wario
  8. Dark Pit
Smash Ultimate

How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate?

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How to Activate Cloud in World of Light?

Finally, the World of Light Adventure Mode is available. Cloud, like in the Vs. Mode method will not appear until later in this mode. He will appear once you reach the Sacred Land’s Zelda-style dungeon. This is likely the mode you’ll want to complete first in the game, so unlocking him here may make the most sense.

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Vs. Mode

As you play more Vs. mode matches, you’ll notice that a new challenger has appeared. These appear as you progress through the game, and you can use this method to unlock all of the characters if that’s how you prefer to play. The characters you will be able to unlock follow the same pattern as in Classic Mode. Cloud will arrive late in this order. He’s the 55th challenger you’ll encounter, so if you haven’t unlocked many characters up to this point, he might not be the quickest way to progress.

Mr. Game & Watch, Robin, and Dark Pit are the three characters who come before Cloud, so if you have any of them, you know you’re almost there. Just make sure you win your fight with him!

How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate

How To Unlock Cloud In Smash Ultimate?

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How to Defeat Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Cloud can be a difficult character to defeat, especially when first unlocking him. You’ll face him on the Midgar stage, where he’ll have the opportunity to grab Materia and summon a Summon. Because many of Cloud’s moves require him to fight up close, taking some damage away from a distance can be beneficial. However, some of his moves are slow, so confronting him head-on to counter his attacks can be especially effective.

If Cloud summons you, make sure to shield yourself, so you don’t take too much damage. Don’t worry if you don’t get Cloud the first time—you can always rematch through the Challenger’s Approach menu!

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