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How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like Dom Toretto?

How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like Dom from Fast & Furious? The Grand Theft Auto series leads the list whenever we talk about open-world video games, which can blow anyone’s mind. The first installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released in 1997. Whereas the latest installment in the series, GTA 5, came out nine years ago in 2013. Even after nine years since the release of GTA 5, it is one of the most beloved games around the globe.

This action-adventure allows the gamers to experience the life of three criminals: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The trio goes through many adventures like robbery, killing rivals, and even working with the in-game intelligence services, FIB. The game has faced many controversies, but still, it is one of the most successful video games. GTA also allows a multiplayer mode, where players can build their criminal empire and can either team up or go against other players online. However, the best thing about the game is that it allows the players to customize the look of their character.

Therefore, we will look at how to make your GTA character look like Dom from Fast & Furious. Undoubtedly, the elite driver from the infamous Fast & Furious franchise is an absolute favorite. Therefore, gamers would love to play as Dominic Toretto in GTA V and might go on a ride in the game. Thus, follow this article to play with Dom’s look-alike in both online and offline mode of Grand Theft Auto V.

Who Is Dominic Toretto?

Dominic is an awesome driver and automobile mechanic with quite a reputation as a talented street racer. However, Toretto is also a former criminal who used to rob trucks to look after his family, which included his sister Mia and a brother Jacob. But Dom gives up on the illegal life after meeting his best friend, Brian O’Conner. Dom later assembles a crew with a Diplomatic Security Service agent, Luke Hobbs, and together they start working for a government agent, Mr. Nobody.

GTA 5 Fast and Furious

Dominic Toretto from Fast & Furious

The entire Fast & Furious franchise is an enormous hit. Undoubtedly, the series is known for the mind-blowing cars which feature in the movies. However, besides the cars, the characters are also popular, especially Dominic Toretto. Vin Diesel plays the role of the elite driver. Therefore, fans would love to experience the life of Dom in the open-world game GTA 5.

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How To Become Dom From Fast & Furious?

The most popular fact about Rockstar’s most popular video game franchise is the possibility to use Mods and Cheats in the game. Unlike most video games where mods and cheats can ruin your experience to enjoy the game. But that’s not the case with GTA, as mods and cheats make the action-adventure video game more thrilling to play. Mods or cheats are programming codes or character designs for games that are not present in the game because independent programmers and designers develop these mods and cheats for the games.

GTA Mod Fast & Furious

Dom Toretto GTA 5 Mod

The Grand Theft Auto V comes with three protagonists: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. The player can change the hairstyle and the clothing of the trio. However, none of the three lead characters have a similar appearance to Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto. Therefore, gamers need to use mods to get the elite driver’s look in the GTA story mode. But you must take precautions prior to installing the mods into the game, as it can corrupt the game files or can also contain viruses. Thus, read the instructions carefully, which come along with the mods.

How To Become Dom Toretto Look-Alike In GTA Without Mods?

As we told you to play as Dominic Toretto in GTA 5, you would require a mod for the look. However, there is another way to look like Dom, and it won’t even require using a mod. But this Dom would only be limited to GTA Online. The multiplayer mode of GTA V allows the players to create their characters from scratch and make them look like their choice. Therefore, to make your GTA character look like Dom is possible in GTA Online without mods. Follow the steps to look like Dom Toretto in GTA.

  • Obviously, the first step would be choosing a male as the character’s sex to become Dominic Toretto. Then, in the Heritage section, choose Hannah as your mom and Noah as your father. Further, the Resemblance should be 90 percent towards Noah. For the Skin Tone, keep 60 presents towards the dad.
GTA 5 Customization Dom Toretto

Dom’s Heritage, Resemblance, and Skin Tone

  • To customize the face to look like Dom is going to be a bit complicated. For Brows, move the slider to the extreme Down and should be a block away from the end of In.
  • Then for the Eyes, keep the slider between the second and third block from the Squint.
  • Then in the Nose customization, keep the slider on the angle in the third block from the Up and second block from Wide.
  • In the Nose-Profile keep the slider at the second column from the Long side and between the second and third-row from the Crooked side.
Dominic Toretto Grand Theft Auto

Dom’s Brows, Eyes, Nose, and Nose Profile

  • For Nose-Tip, you need to keep the pointer at the lower edge of the second block from Tip Down and at the center of Broken Left and Broken Right.
  • For Cheekbones, move the slider at the extreme end of In and Up.
  • .The Cheeks should be at the second block from Gaunt.
  • For Lips, keep the pointer at the extreme end of Thin.
Dominic GTA Onliine

Dom’s Nose Tip, Cheekbones, Cheeks, and Lips

  • Now the players need to push the slider at the extreme end of Narrow and Round for Toretto’s Jaw.
  • In the Chin-Profile, keep the slider between the first and second block from Down and keep it at the second column from Out.
  • Finally, to complete the face shape of Dom, keep the Chin-Shape slider at the extreme end of Narrow and Round.
Vin Diesel in GTA 5

Dom’s Lips, Jaws, Chin Profile, and Chin Shape

  • Now let’s dive more into the facial appearance to match that of Dominic Toretto. The player needs to set the Current hairstyle. The eyebrows should be Fade Away with 100% Opacity. Then for Dom’s facial hair, select Light Stubble with 100% Opacity in the facial hair. Further, for all hair features of the character select Color 1.
  • Then keep the Skin Blemishes and Skin Aging at None. Further, the Skin Complexion would also be None. Again keep it at None for Moles & Freckles, and Skin Damage.
Toretto Grand Theft Auto

Dom’s Hair, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Skin Blemishes, Skin Aging, Skin Complexion, Moles & Freckles, and Skin Damage

  • Further, the Eye Makeup and Lipstick both should be at None until you want to see Dom playing with Letty’s makeup.
  • The player has to go with Street Style and just wear anything from the default options to complete the Dom look.
How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like Dom

Dom Toretto in GTA Online

These are all the steps you need to follow to make your GTA character look like Dom from Fast & Furious. Now, you can get a cool car like those in the movies. As Dom Toretto, you can live life a quarter-mile at a time in GTA V. Further, you can take part in heists or also go for races in the avatar of the elite driver from the Fast & Furious franchise in GTA Online.

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