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How To Cancel A Bounty In Diablo Immortal?

Bounties are a quick method to gain XP and Gold in Diablo Immortal, however, the Clearing Cobwebs bounty proved to be extremely frustrating for some players in the days after launch. Bounties are short tasks that need players to beat a particular number of random foes or complete simple objectives.

Clearing Cobwebs is no exception since it requires players to defeat 50 spiders. However, some people, no matter what they do, are unable to complete this task, stopping them from receiving their well-deserved awards. Here’s how to complete Diablo Immortal’s Clearing Cobwebs bounty.

What Are Diablo Immortal Bounties?

Bounties are sided missions in Diablo Immortal. To begin unlocking Bounties, you must first complete Charsi’s instruction in Palace Courtyard, Westmarch. After completing this instruction, proceed to the Bounty Board and begin conversing with Derek in order to complete the bounty.

How to cancel a bounty in diablo immortal?
The Bounty Board

To accomplish the Bounty in bounties, you must kill various animals or monsters. The number of animals varies between Bounties. Derek will reward you for fulfilling the Bounty. You must complete 8 bounties per day. As an extra prize for accomplishing four bounties, you will be granted a chest of gold. If you fail to accomplish 8 bounties per day, don’t worry; you can do these the following day with the remaining 8 bounties from that day. Every Monday, the Bounty Board is reset.

How To Finish The Cobwebs Bounty In Diablo Immortal?

As previously stated, the Clearing Cobwebs reward requires you to kill 50 spiders. These can be found northwest of the Cemetery. However, only a small number of spiders spawn at a time. You’ll only discover a handful of spiders in the region each time you come, so gathering 50 murdered spiders for this prize will be difficult.

Because this is now the only viable spawn spot for these spiders, you must either keep trying and hoping to find enough spiders or quit the bounty entirely. Remember that bounties are supposed to be easy objectives involving beating a small number of simple foes, yet this spider bounty feels excessive because they don’t spawn anywhere else.

How To Cancel A Bounty In Diablo Immortal?

Some bounties in Diablo Immortal are tough to fulfill, and others take a long time to complete. The Bird of Prey Bounty is the simplest of all the bounties. Clearing the Cobwebs bounty is not too difficult, but it takes time to do. To finish this Bounty, players must battle 50 spiders in a short area of the Cemetery. The spiders are not difficult to defeat. Instead, the biggest issue is that they spawn in groups of five.

So you’ll have to wait 10 minutes before moving on to the next group. That is why this Bounty is pointless. During this time, you can complete other bounties. You must take the following actions if you do not want to lose your time and forsake the Bounty.

  • Navigate to the Menu dialog in the upper hand corner of the window.
  • Clicking the quest option brings up the quests menu.
  • Visit bounties.
  • To cancel the Bounty, choose the Abandon Bounty option.

You can quit the Bounty by following the instructions. After that, you can do another bounty. To do so, head to the Bounty Board in Westmarch and choose another Bounty.

How to cancel a bounty in diablo immortal?
The Bounty board from the gameplay

How To Reroll A Bounty In Diablo Immortal?

If you’ve had enough of the Clearing Cobwebs task and want to just reroll your bounties, you can do it several times per day. Simply click the refresh icon in the top right corner of the bounty board to get a new set of bounties to fulfill. You can only reroll three times per day. However, rerolling only works before accepting a bounty, so if Clearing Cobwebs is already active, you must let it expire.

Fortunately, bounties aren’t essential to the Diablo Immortal experience, so you can ignore any particularly vexing ones while focusing on grinding and honing your character’s build. With this, we conclude our coverage of this particularly confusing Diablo Immortal topic. Feel free to check out our other posts on this Blizzard title in the Gaming section. And if you’ve found it useful, share it with your friends on social media. Happy gaming and see you soon.

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