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Gulu Gulu Movie Release Date: Tamil Star Santhanam’s Latest Film

After the immense success of South Indian movies like Pushpa, KGF, and the latest Vikram, the Indian population has realized that the language barrier is nothing in front of good cinema. Following these successful releases, the new Tamil movie Gulu Gulu has wrapped up its shooting very recently. The official teaser trailer for the movie was released two weeks ago and has acquired more than 39 lakh views on youtube.

The songs of the movie have all been a huge hit and have easily garnered more than 10 lakh views already, despite being released a week ago. In one of his interviews, Santhanam explained that his latest movie, Gulu Gulu is something very different from what he’s used to. Coupled with the eccentric director, the audience sure is in for a treat.

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that people all across the country are waiting to know Gulu Gulu movie release date patiently and excitedly. Not to mention, along with the superstar Santhanam, the director of the movie Rathna Kumar is also a crowd favorite. His previous works include none other than the box office hit ‘Master’, starring Tamil superstar Vijay. His other works include Aame and Mayaadha Maan, both superhit movies that were well loved by both the audience and critics.

Gulu Gulu Movie Release Date

The much anticipated Tamil movie will be in theaters on 29th July. The movie is being released only in the Tamil language in the theaters, but the OTT release date has not yet been confirmed. Since the movie trailer was already released a couple of weeks ago, the audience had already suspected the film would be released in July. And, seeing as how the release date is set for 29th July, we are all ready to bid this month goodbye in style.

Gulu Gulu

Gulu Gulu

Gulu Gulu Movie: Trailer, Cast, and Music

In the teaser trailer for Santhanam, we get a glimpse of the genre of this film. As expected of Santhanam, the movie will be action-packed, but along with it, we as an audience can expect melodrama, road adventure, and comedy. Not to mention, the dialogue or the voiceover in the teaser trailer hint toward some family drama and tragedy as well.

The dialogue, “He has traveled across countries and knows 13 languages. Yet he will never forget the broken English his mom taught him,” clearly shows how emotional the movie will be. Apart from that, the line about knowing 13 languages reaffirms the opinion that the movie will carry a hero complex. That is, the movie will revolve around Santhanam’s character and his journey to either discover himself or to complete some vague mission. The dialogues also show that Santhanam’s character gets beaten up just to do some social service. It says, “he knows 13 languages but still never forgets the broken English his mother taught him”, signaling that the movie will be heavily emotional. But, no matter what happens, we are still sure that if it’s Santhanam, the movie will be a super hit!

Apart from Santhanam, Gulu Gulu also stars the very beautiful Athulya Ravi, last seen in Murungakkai Chips. Along with them, the famous comedian George Maryan is also acting in the movie. In addition, Santhanam will be reunited with both Maran and Sheshu, with whom he last acted in Lollu Sabha.

Gulu Gulu

Gulu Gulu

Talking about the music, Santhosh Narayan is the composer of the movie’s soundtrack. He has previously composed for movies such as Superstar Rajanikanth’s Kabali, and recently he wrote music for Dhanush’s Jagame Thnadiram. The lyrics for all the songs are written by Viveka, who is known for his latest song Oo Solriya Mama in the movie Pushpa.

Despite the huge anticipation, we can all agree that no matter what Gulu Gulu movie release date is, it will be packed with entertainment, action, and comedy. We are all waiting for Gulu Gulu to be released and for Santhanam to fulfill his promise to be different in this movie.

Additionally, you can also catch Santhanam in Madha Gaja Raja, to be directed by Sundar C and to be released in October of this year.

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