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FNAF Security Breach: Did Monty Kill Bonnie?

The recent installment of the family-friendly horror games played by millions of people worldwide, called Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, which made its debut in 2021, has created panic in the gaming community. Fans quickly noticed that various new characters and animatronics get introduced in this new episode of the series, including Roxanne Wolf and Montgomery Gator. However, their favorite Bonnie, the bunny, was not at the Fazbear entertainment venue.

The only time we see Bonnie during the game is when he makes an appearance through The Blob. And for most of the game, Bonnie is absent, which is disappointing for many of his fans. The most intriguing aspect is that Bonnie’s precise status has not even been brought to light by the game’s creators.

Fans also noticed that Monty had taken Bonnie’s place, which sparked rumors regarding Bonnie’s whereabouts in the gaming community. The gamers are baffled as to why Bonnie gets substituted with Monty in the FNAF Security Breach. They have even started asking, Did Monty kill Bonnie? According to them, replacing Bonnie with Monty means something terrible, hence this speculation. Don’t pause in between as we will disclose everything about Bonnie’s disappearance from the scene, including the answer to the questions, “Did Monty kill Bonnie?” and “What happened to Bonnie?”

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FNAF Security Breach: Who Is Bonnie?

Developed by Steel Wool Studios and released by Scott Games, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is a survival horror game and the FNAF series’ ninth main installment. The protagonist of the game, a young kid named Gregory, must avoid aggressive animated figures and a night guard while exploring a sizable shopping mall’s macabre mystery in order to survive till daylight.

The one-night free-roam mode of this game features Bonnie, an animatronic rabbit with a squarish nose and magenta eyes. He performs for children and is an animatronic rabbit who plays guitar in Freddy’s band. Bonnie and the other animatronics are secretly plagued by kids who were killed by a man named William Afton. He and the others are currently seeking retribution against their killer by launching irrational attacks against any adults in the pizzeria after hours.

did monty kill bonnie?

Bonnie from FNAF

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FNAF Security Breach: Did Monty Kill Bonnie?

The panic begins when Gregory and Freddy are hiding in a recharge station, and Freddy realizes that there isn’t a rabbit in the Pizza complex anymore. Later, viewers witness Freddy stating that he no longer goes to see him in the Bonnie Bowling section because he misses him. However, none of the characters in the game make any inferences about Bonnie’s fate, so players resort to constructing theories using the data left on the Fazwatch.

According to the details in the Fazwatch alerts from FNAF Security Breach, it appears that Bonnie started acting strangely, leaving his green room unexpectedly and wandering around the Mega Pizzaplex. Fazbear entertainment eventually took him out of service, and Monty took his place. Since there was a need for Monty’s return, it seems improbable that Bonnie was removed only due to his popularity, leaving the motive for his replacement unresolved.

did monty kill bonnie?

Monty replaced Bonnie in FNAF Security Breach

Many fans have started to wonder whether Monty killed Bonnie in order to replace him as the bassist for FNAF Security Breach after Monty took Bonnie’s place in the band. According to an alert Gregory finds on the Fazwatch, Bonnie may have been last seen in the mall’s Monty Golf area before being taken out of service because Monty behaves more violently than the other characters in the game. Additionally, we see Monty as the band’s frontman and Freddy in a trashcan, implying that Monty is competitive and would be driven to replace Bonnie.

FNAF Security Breach: What Happened To Bonnie?

As players advance through the game, it becomes apparent that Vanny is to blame for the unpredictable and violent behavior of the animatronics since she has been breaking into Pizzaplex’s computer systems. She can no longer control Freddy, who asserts that the other animatronics wouldn’t act in this manner otherwise and claims to consider them his friends.

Bonnie and Monty may have been under Vanny’s influence at the time of Bonnie’s decommissioning. This would explain Bonnie’s sudden, unusual behavior and would also imply that there is something more hazardous behind Bonnie’s absence. William Afton, the antagonist of the series and the creator of Fazbear Entertainment, has a hold over Vanny. It’s possible that Vanny revived Afton by using Bonnie or his remains.

did monty kill bonnie?

Bonnie started malfunctioning in FNAF

The players speculate that Scraptrap may have survived because it was revealed that Afton’s previous corporeal manifestation was trapped in the pizza place when it burned down survived the fire. It is difficult to say whether Monty killed Bonnie in the FNAF security breach, even after putting all the scant hints together. If we have to assume, Bonnie may have been hijacked by Vanny and taken to Monty’s golf course. Vanny could then have utilized Monty or the STAFF bots to deconstruct Bonnie and use her components to fix or construct Burntrap. After Bonnie fell ill, Monty took over as the bassist, and we never saw Bonnie again.

The creators have not verified this, but it is based solely on the number of hints provided and makes sense. Apart from this and Monty’s desperation to become the face of the band, Bonnie’s disappearance has no other credible explanation.

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