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Does Halo Infinite Have Split Screen? How To Use The Feature?

The Halo series was created with split-screen play in mind. With very few exceptions, every game has included split-screen multiplayer for two or more players in the same room to team up against one another, other players, or the campaign’s AI-controlled aliens. Due to the lack of any sort of split-screen functionality, co-op, or multiplayer, Halo 5 was a letdown for series fans. This has caused a lot of people to wonder if Halo Infinite Has Split Screen?

Nothing compares to inviting some friends around and defeating aliens side by side. These days, split-screen is largely considered a forgotten pastime. Halo Infinite has been actively working to incorporate many features that earlier games had since it was released in two phases—multiplayer and, subsequently, the campaign. While there are still a lot of new additions to this iconic first-person shooter game, such as Forge, on the way, we already know whether split-screen is present and usable in Halo Infinite or not.

Does Halo Infinite Have Split Screen

You’ll be happy to learn that Halo Infinite has multiplayer split-screen, and it allows you to play with a friend even though numerous major modes are absent. Split-screen, a multiplayer feature that was formerly present in Halo Infinite, is guaranteed to please gamers of all sorts. Even while the game’s online component is its main attraction, split-screen will provide players the chance to play with friends simultaneously on the same system.

Halo Infinite Split Screen

Halo Infinite Split Screen 2 Players

While split-screen is a feature in Halo Infinite, it doesn’t work exactly like fans may be used to from the time of couch co-op. Players can still team up on the same screen and compete against other teams in Halo Infinite multiplayer, but they won’t be able to create a PvP battle and face off against each other. Currently, using a Guest account to play Halo Infinite Multiplayer split-screen is also not possible. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

It’s important to remember that Xbox One only allows for two players to play simultaneously on split-screen in multiplayer. However, a four-player split-screen session is supported with an Xbox Series X|S. Split-screen support is not available right now for Halo Infinite on the PC. However, this could change, so follow the official social media sites for updates.

Halo Infinite’s other split-screen features, including as Co-Op Campaign and Forge, are still on the horizon, but we don’t yet know when they will be available. There is already a bug out there that enables cooperative play in the Halo Infinite Campaign, but it is not at all what you would expect. We suggest waiting it out and requesting more details.

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Playing Splitscreen Multiplayer in Halo Infinite

To start split-screen multiplayer, start Halo Infinite while logged in and go to the Multiplayer screen. To access the Xbox sign-in screen, turn on your second controller and then press any button. After entering your login information, the game will ask if you wish to take over menu navigation. After that, you should see that your Fireteam in the downright corner of the screen has a 2/28 next to it, and a second player’s symbol will appear next to the “+” symbol.

Halo Infinite Split Screen

Halo Infinite Have Split Screen 4 Players

You are now ready to perform Halo Infinite’s split-screen multiplayer. There are large black borders running down the middle of the screen when you first start a game, which may result in a much smaller actual visible viewing area. In our experience, there may not be a way to fix this; you may simply have to keep putting up with it. Once your friend has left or you just really want to start playing multiplayer alone again, you’ll need to press the Xbox icon button in the middle of the second controller and just sign out of the Xbox profile tied to it. As soon as you complete this, the second split-screen player will leave your Fireteam.

More Tips for Halo Infinite Split Screen

Of course, the ideal screen size should increase as the number of participants on one monitor increases. With their enormous image sizes, projectors are much preferable for split-screen gameplay than monitors or TVs because you don’t have to squeeze a group of friends close to a smaller display. While keeping incredibly low overall input lag, gaming projectors such as the BenQ TK700STi and TK700 provide you with a screen size of 120″ or more and allow you to relax in comfort.

That is slightly over 16ms at 4K 60Hz, compared to as low as 8ms at 1080p 120Hz. Also, Halo Infinite has a 120Hz setting on both Xbox Series consoles, so that’s convenient. For split-screen multiplayer, this is the setting you should use because it increases your in-game performance and is responsive and attractive. While 4K 60Hz and higher graphic settings are favored for the single-player campaign, they are less important in multiplayer, where quick responses are more important than anything else.

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