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Deadpool 3 Wolverine Teaser Breakdown: How Is Wolverine Coming Back?

This will be my breakdown of the Deadpool 3 teaser for Wolverine coming back. This is huge news, they just confirmed Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in like a Deadpool vs Wolverine or Deadpool and Wolverine, probably not them fighting each other, maybe a little bit of fighting each other but probably more of a team-up movie. I’ll explain what’s going on with this because the really cool thing is that Ryan Reynolds said that before the big Disney buyout, they were actually planning for Deadpool 3 to be a Deadpool Wolverine movie, with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. 

This is definitely one of the big news for MCU in these years, considering how were going for them. We are excited about a lot of things. First, we are finally getting another Deadpool movie, that too in MCU. Secondly, Hue Jackman will be returning as Wolverine after seven years. Thirdly, we are going to see Wolverine and Deadpool in the same movie (don’t tell me it already happened in the first Wolverine movie, you were meant to forget that).

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Teaser Breakdown

The Deadpool 3 teaser he released here was obviously just meant to be very tongue-in-cheek, like “oh you know we meant to make this big announcement at d23, but sorry we missed it”. I think the reason why they waited on that is that they were one waiting for the ink to dry on some of the contracts, like actually just working through the deal to get Hugh Jackman back. And they were already making a bunch of really huge announcements, even though it would have been cool to find out about this during the big d23 panel.

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Teaser Breakdown

Ryan thinking ideas for Deadpool 3

Love the way that he’s actually talking about working him into the MCU while he’s wearing the costume from Deadpool 2, like the very ashy torn up, looking costume. I think one of the reasons for doing that is to let you know that it is going to be the same Deadpool from the fox X-Men Universe like it’ll be more of a Multiverse character. Or my idea actually early on it was kind of a funny idea, was that they would just say that he’d been in the MCU this whole time and wouldn’t really address it in a big way. Like that’d be one of the big jokes of the movies he’s been in the MCU the whole time, and nobody noticed until now.

You noticed during this there are a couple of little Easter eggs for a lot of his other businesses that he has in real life separate from his acting like he’s wearing the Wrexham Hat, he pours himself some Aviation gin, which is his gin brand. He’s got his Deadpool mug, it does seem weird to be drinking gin out of a Deadpool mug. A little while with him on the can wearing the Deadpool costume, if he can’t tell zoom and enhanced that’s a Marvel comic book that he’s reading on the can, so it’s all part of the joke that he’s trying to look for ideas for the actual movie.

But the bigger joke here is that he says he’s been spending all this time trying to figure out what to do with the movie, but he can’t think of anything, he’s like, “I have nothing, I can’t figure it out”. So the joke is that they went to get Hugh Jackman to come back because he couldn’t think of a decent movie without Hugh Jackman.

Deadpool 3 Teaser Breakdown

Ryan reading Deadpool comics for inspiration

Wolverine One More Time

At the end of the Deadpool 3 teaser, Rayan says: “Yeah completely empty up here and terrifying but we did have one idea”, then Huge walks in the background and Rayan continues, “hey Hugh you want to play Wolverine one more time” to which Huge says “yeah sure”.

I also love the idea that he’s either hanging out in Hugh Jackman’s house like he’s broken into Hugh Jackman’s house or he and Hugh Jackman just went off into the woods to stay together for a while. When he said that Ryan Reynolds was like “do you want to play Wolverine one more time”, I don’t know what that means literally “just one more time”.

Because I think we were expecting Hugh Jackman to finally come back as Wolverine in the MCU during Avengers 6 Secret Wars just because of all the Multiverse stuff happening in that movie. I think the difference with Deadpool 3 is that he’ll be like a really big part of the movie and during Avengers 6 Secret Wars he might just be like a small part of that movie like a cameo-level part of that movie.


Huge Jackman says yes for a comeback

They explained that some of the Marvel contracts with actors work a little bit different, like when you hear about the actors signing six picture contracts with Marvel, they actually differentiate what kind of appearance it is based on how long they’re in the film and if they’re not in the film for a long enough duration it doesn’t actually count against one of their options.

So like I said Deadpool 3 meant to be a lot of Wolverine in the entire movie. It’s not just like him showing up at the end in some sort of joke and when they reveal the release date is September 6 2024 in a couple of years, they used the Whitney Houston song but as I will always love Hugh and they actually put him in the title.

But the funny thing about the logo here, like they have Wolverine’s claws through the Deadpool symbol, those were actually a lot of the fan logos that people were releasing the last couple of years when we were crying for them to bring Wolverine back in the MCU after all this Deadpool news happened.

Mutants In MCU

One of the other big things that are happening during this phase is that they are going to have a lot more mutants, a lot more X-Men characters running around in the MCU by the time the film comes out. So there’ll probably be a lot of those characters in this movie like there’ll be a lot of X-Men mutant characters because of Deadpool, Wolverine, both mutants, X-Men, like literally X-Men inside the MCU because of Hugh Jackman of course.

X-Men In MCU

Mutants In MCU

But this is still meant to be way before they release their next full-blown X-Men reboot movie. Because of him coming back in the MCU I also kind of wonder what this means about them doing a version of Wolverine with a different actor, like that they always wanted to be the Hugh Jackman version of Wolverine or will they follow up on Logan and pass the torch to x-23 because there’s the whole timeline question there. That’s a Deadpool joke in and of itself “these timelines are so confusing”.

We just got Miss Marvel canonized as a mutant in the MCU. They use the X-Men animated series theme song during her episode when they revealed it and they also confirmed that Namor is going to be a mutant in the MCU during Black Panther Wakanda Forever. So they’re like the tip of the iceberg, even though technically Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and her children Billy and Tommy are kinds of mutants already.

Deadpool Deleted Scene

During Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness they had all those X-Men Cameo scenes. The writer of Doctor Strange 2 also said that he was going to have a post-credits scene with Deadpool at one point. It would have been like the funny second post-credits scene instead of that Bruce Campbell post-credit scene with him breaking the fourth ball. Kind of like Deadpool looking at his hand joking about the Evil Dead movie series, because those are also Sam Raimi movies.

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Teaser Breakdown

Deadpool Deleted Scene

There have been a lot of jokes about how they were going to bring Deadpool into the MCU, how they would address it, like wouldn’t it be funny if Deadpool just showed up in the MCU during Deadpool 3 as if he’d been here the whole time in the MCU? Is it gonna have something to do with the incursions, The Secret Wars teaser, and the Doctor Strange 2 post-credit scene? The writers were just saying that they actually had to work all those details out before they actually wrote Deadpool 3.

Wolverine Deleted Scene

A long time ago Kevin Feige actually wanted to bring Wolverine in a cameo scene during the first Captain America movie. He was going to have a Hugh Jackman Cameo as the Wolverine character, but the whole idea is that he hasn’t become Wolverine yet like he doesn’t have the Adamantium till much later in the timeline. And it’s because the the character was actually born in the 1800s so he lived through all these different Wars this whole time before he joined the Weapon X program.

At the beginning of Wolverine Origins, you see one of the wars he’s fighting in is World War II. His big Cameo scene during the first Captain America movie was going to be in the scene where he goes to rescue all the pows in the Howling Commandos. Hugh Jackman’s Logan was going to be one of the characters that he rescued.

Deadpool 3 Teaser

Wolverine Deleted Scene

MCU Weapon X

They’ve already laid a lot of the groundwork for introducing Weapon X into the MCU. Like they have a version of weapons plus already, Weapon X is part of that or a bit of a spin-off of that. The other cool thing here for those of you that want a Hulk vs Wolverine movie in the MCU, I don’t know if they’re ever actually going to do that but it sounds like there’s a lot of World War Hulk stuff happening between Captain America 4 and the Thunderbolts movie, like there’s a lot of Hulk related plot.

Those movies would be a really good time to introduce a concept of MCU Weapon X because both Captain America 4 and the Thunderbolts movie will be coming out right after Daredevil. The cool thing is it’ll also probably cross over a little bit with the Daredevil Born Again episodes depending on when that premieres. So 2024 is going to be a banger year for Marvel movies and Disney plus series.

Deadpool 3 Alternate Movie

They actually reveal this completely separate plot for a totally different Deadpool 3 movie that they would have made had the deal not gone through and Marvel not gotten the Deadpool character back. They said that when they were going to do Deadpool 3 at Fox and it was just going to be its own little solo movie, they were actually going to do a road trip as a Deadpool and Wolverine crossover movie. That’s right everybody wondering if they were ever going to do a Deadpool Wolverine team-up with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, it was actually going to happen during that Deadpool 3 movie.

Deadpool 3 Wolverine Teaser Breakdown

Deadpool 3 Alternate Movie

And even though the Logan movie came out right around that time and killed off the Wolverine Logan character later in the timeline, also the Patrick Stewart Professor X character from those original X-Men movies from that same line of continuity. But you post all your theories in the comments below what do you want them to do with Wolverine as a character just as a concept in the MCU after the Deadpool 3 Wolverine movie? If it really does wind up being Hugh Jackman’s last actual film.

The Wolverine Before Logan Movie

Their only option after that would be to use them in like one-off cameos or to completely recast a version of the character, which means that the 

Deadpool 3 version of Wolverine would have to be the Multiverse version, like the version from the fox X-Men Universe. They already canonized the fox X-Men movies as being in the same universe as the fox Deadpool movie, like they have that big crossover scene to let you know “oh this is all happening in the same Earth”.


The Wolverine Before Logan Movie

So at least for now, I’m assuming that the version that Hugh Jackman plays in Deadpool 3 will be the same version of Wolverine we’ve been watching this whole time, just a little bit earlier in this timeline. You have to remember the events of Logan that took place in the distant future. So like we haven’t actually gotten to the period where that takes place, so that means that there are all these Adventures that they could have with them before that and that’s how you bring him back without having to completely undo the events of Logan.

I’ll do a bunch more articles about it as we get more news and more teasers. I’m sure Ryan Reynolds will be dropping more funny videos like this, just hinting at what’s going on with the actual plot. With any luck we’ll get Hugh Jackman inside that yellow Wolverine costume.

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