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Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Update & Patch Notes

The Dead by Daylight 6.1.2 update, which will soon be available for the majority of devices, was announced by Behaviour Interactive along with a set of patch notes. Changes and minor adjustments are coming with the most recent update. Along with a sizable list of bug fixes, the patch notes for the upcoming Dead by Daylight 6.12 update also revealed that matchmaking incentives would be enabled once again in patch 6.2.0. The list of changes and bug fixes in the patch notes below has more information.

In this article, we shall cover a few details concerning the vast update that Dead by Daylight just experienced. There are progression and prestige reworkings, gameplay updates, perk changes, and matchmaking incentives. But let’s take a look at the bigger picture without any further ado.

Here’s what you need to know about the update:

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 Update Release Date & Patch Notes

Thanatophobia quickly gained popularity after the Mid-Chapter Update, and it’s understandable why. Thanatophobia now significantly slows down generators due to increased numbers on the perk and the longer standard generator repair times. This could make Thanatophobia feel somewhat harsh, especially when combined with other slowdown benefits, especially with Killers that have an easier time keeping multiple Survivors injured (such as Legion, Plague, etc).

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 Update Release Date & Patch Notes

Thanatophobia will be revised in the 6.1.2 Update to address this. Survivors who are hurt, dying or hooked now have a 1/1.5/2% action speed penalty. Thanatophobia imposes a further 12% penalty on the Survivors’ action speeds if all four are wounded, dead, or hooked. If all Survivors are hurt, this modification will nearly double the potency of Thanatophobia, though it will take more work on the Killer’s part to benefit from it entirely.

Mettle of Man

The mettle of Man is still an outlier even after the Endurance status effect was updated. Although it has a similar impact to Endurance, the perk does not currently turn off when taking a conspicuous action. This is intentional, as evidenced by the fact that Endurance is not mentioned in the perk’s description. It wouldn’t be to lose your tenacious protection so quickly after going through the complex process of activating Mettle of Man. While we were at it, we wanted to fix this contradiction and slightly rework Mettle of Man.

Mettle of Man will be activated after taking two protection hits, giving the Endurance status effect. When the Killer is more than 12/14/16 meters away from you while the Endurance effect is in effect, your aura will be visible to them. Conspicuous Actions will prematurely deactivate this Endurance effect, as other Endurance effects, and they won’t stop you from dying if you currently have Deep Wounds.

The Survivor will now have to decide between preserving their Mettle of Man and working on generators because it now functions exactly like other Endurance perks. We have lowered the number of protection hits necessary to make up for the fact that this will weaken it. The Killer can anticipate Mettle of Man and make plans in advance because the aura reading effect kicks in before you heal. With these modifications, we think the perk will be more straightforward and fun to experiment with.

Dead Man’s Switch, Merciless Storm, and Pain Resonance

Changes to Pain Resonance mean that Survivors are no longer momentarily forced to stop maintaining the generator. This effectively made it so that the Killer would have to manually chase them away from the generator for the perk to activate Dead Man’s Switch. However, this modification brought about a surprising combination. After the generator regresses, Merciless Storm would continue to generate excessive skill checks, as this new version allowed the Survivors to keep working on the generator.

We are repairing the generator interruption in Pain Resonance, but the Killer won’t be informed. Due to this, Merciless Storm and Pain Resonance will no longer combine. However, this would reinstate the combination of Pain Resonance and Dead Man’s Switch. Therefore, to make the perk combo less terrible than it was previously, we’ll shorten Dead Man’s Switch to 20/25/30 seconds.

Orange Glyphs

The orange glyph challenges in Tome 12: Discordance is brand-new. After interacting with these glyphs, some people have reported experiencing motion sickness due to the swirling visual effects. We will temporarily replace these glyph challenges with a different one along with the 6.1.2 Update while we rework the visuals. Don’t worry if you’ve already finished the challenge; it will still be marked as completed. The upcoming update will bring back the orange glyph with enhanced effects.

The Clown

A bug that affects The Clown currently enables him to permanently keep the Haste effect from his Afterpiece Antidote. We recently kill switched The Clown, trying to prevent him from being played to stop this from being exploited. This problem has been fixed in 6.1.2, and The Clown will once more be playable.

Matchmaking Rewards

For taking on the role that is currently in demand, Matchmaking Incentives reward you with extra Bloodpoints. These incentives were not functioning as intended when the Mid-Chapter first began, giving 100% bonus Bloodpoints to Survivors at all times, even when there were more Survivors than Killers participating. This was detrimental to Matchmaking: While wait times for Killer were not too long, those for Survivor increased dramatically. After some time, the system had to be turned off.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 25 Update Release Date & Patch Notes

A still from Dead by Daylight

Bug Fixes

The following issues were fixed:

  • To avoid a crash, Warrior Goddess for Feng Min has been turned off.
  • No matter how many generators were still in the ship, the Rancor perk begins to function when the hatch is closed.
  • The kitchen at Badham Preschool prohibits the Nightmare from setting up Dream Snares.
  • Although the tooltip still stated that the bloodweb cap was 1 million bloodpoints, it has been increased to 2 million bloodpoints.
  • Play as Killer contains the matchmaking incentives text but not the BloodPoint Bonus.
  • Spine Chill’s Terror Radius feedback operates in reverse, i.e., it drains rather than fills as the TR gets louder.

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