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Crimson Heist Update: Release Date, New Maps and Gameplay Features

Rainbow Six Siege fans are waiting eagerly for the new season update named Crimson Heist. The first few glimpses make it look promising but we won’t know until it comes out officially. But when is it coming out?. Hang on, we will let you know in this article. Ubisoft is really working hard to make Rainbow Six Siege the best online multiplayer fps game in the market and they have been good at it since 2015. They have developed a lot of operators, maps, unique weapons and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Currently, there are a total of 59 operators. Ubisoft has already mentioned their plans of bringing tons of more operators, maps, and weapons in the near future.

We will look into the future when it arrives. For now, let’s focus on the upcoming update. First, let us look at what this update is bringing with itself. There are 3 new things/features coming out in this update. There is a new operator, the second is a revamped classic map and the third one is a new gadget. These are the major highlights of this update along with other smaller changes. Let’s see these three new features in a bit of detail.

Map Rework

The new map is a revamped version of the Club House map. This map is much more cleaner than the older one with more detailed work on the Bathroom and Tellers. The rework also introduces an interior balcony to Waiting Room, now connecting Break Room to the East Stairs. Customs and Stock have fewer destructible walls. Archives have been extended into Office. A new staircase now leads to the balcony on archives. A new balcony takes players from Security to the Break Room.

Map Rework


YS61 brings a new gadget named Gonee-6 which will be arriving with the Crimson-Heist update. It is a secondary weapon for attackers. It is a single-shot weapon that can destroy the defender’s utility and even bulletproof gadgets. It is some kind of hand cannon. This gadget can be used by Glaz, Lion, Dokkaebi, Finka, Gridlock, Amaru, Iana, and Zero.


This is the name of the new operator arriving in the Crimson Heist Update. Flores is an Argentinian operator from Buenos Aires. His real name is Santiago Lucero and he loves stuff related to tech and mechanics. Flores can use either the AR33 Assault Rifle or SR-25 Marksman Rifle, but his specialty is the RCE-Ratero explosive drone.


You can choose between either three stun grenades or a claymore as Flores’ secondary gadget. The stun grenades can be useful for disrupting tight areas, whereas the claymore could be used to protect Flores while he uses his main gadget. His secondary weapon is the GSh-18 pistol, a solid semi-automatic perfect for short-range combat.

So this was all about the three major highlights in the Crimson Heist Update. There are a few smaller tweaks and changes too. Like, Goyo will no longer have a shield, Melusi’s gadget can be countered by shooting it when it is triggered. Mira’s one-way mirrors can be meleed to clear sections of it, Maestro’s evil eye can be meleed. Finka will be able to revive when downed using her nanobots.

Ubisoft has also been testing the match replay feature. The good news is, the beta version of this feature will also roll-out with Crimson Heist. Streamer Mode is also coming. It’ll allow content creators to hide their name, region, and ping, hide other players in their lobby, use a matchmaking delay, and more.

Ubisoft is also working to identify and mitigate DDOS attacks, fix connectivity issues by using community data and even shrink the game’s install size – particularly on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. The game’s “Speed and Armor” stats are being reworked, too. Previously kept behind the scenes, players will now know that if their Operator is a “two armor” character that they’ll have 120 HP, to begin with, while “three armor” choices will have 140 HP.

Crimson Heist Update Release Date

So finally after reading so much in detail about the Crimson Heist update it is time to see the release date. Crimson Heist is set to release on March 16. This is the official date as of now with no delays expected. As we have seen above, there are a lot of promising things to look for in this update The fans are very much excited and I hope you are too. Let us know which is the most anticipated thing for you in this Crimson Heist Update in the comments section below.

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