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Coromon: Release Date, Plot & Gameplay

What is this new game called Coromon? When and where will it release? In this blog, we will discuss everything about the Coromon in detail. Coromon is an upcoming JRPG inspired pixel-art action-adventure video game. TRAGsoft is the developer, and Freedom Games is the publisher of the game. In this game, the players take on the role of a monster tamer and instructor, where they go on a quest to save the world and universe from a mysterious alien threat.

The developer, TRAGsoft, had the idea for the game back in the year of 2014. The developers’ name TRAGsoft is short for Two Ridiculously Ambitious Guys. TRAGsoft took inspiration from all the old and classic games, which helped define the gaming industry we know today. The main inspirations for the game are Pokémon, Golden Sun, and Zelda. TRAGsoft has promised that their game will bring the best experience of all those worlds and hit the players with huge nostalgia.

What is Coromon?

Coromon is a pixel-art open-world adventure and monster taming game. This new indie game from TRAGsoft will take the player back into the taming of monsters called Coromon. 

Battle Sequences

The game will contain over 100 distinct Coromons with their own elements, traits, and skills. Just like Pokemon games, the players have to search for them, capture them, train them, and finally unleash their abilities on their rivals. Coromon offers the players to engage with their friends and see whose Coromon squad holds their ground better. 

According to the developers, the players can experience Coromon differently with their tamed beasts. It will come with a built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes that will offer more challenging gameplay for the players, where their experience in monster taming will be twisty. The players can also switch to the easiest settings if the challenging mode is not up to their taste. This mode will make the players’ experience hassle-less. There is also a focus on tactics, number-crunching, and resource management.

The Plot of Coromon

Coromon takes place in the world called Velua. The player will start their journey with Lux Solis. But this entry of Lux Solis will just be a beginning for the players. The players will then go on a quest with Lux Solis to search and stop a mysterious alien threat. This new alien Coromon is called the Coromon Leviathan. Coromon Leviathan, once unleashed, can bring an end to not just the world but the entire universe.

Coromon: Plot, Gameplay, And Release Date
Coromon Gameplay

The game will have the players go on a quest to search for this mysterious alien threat across the six major zones and cities in the world of Velua. All the six zones and cities will have their own side-quests, Coromons to capture, secrets, and hidden items. The story will make the players feel like they are playing a classic Japanese role-playing game, and the twist will be a common occurrence. These twists will bring a new revelation, which players would not have hoped it to be, or it may bring some advantage, who knows?


The players will play this game through a top-down view angle. The game will be just like the classic JRPGs, where the main aim will be exploration, random encounters with the enemies, be it Coromons, other Coromon trainers, etc. TRAGsoft has said that the game will offer some twisting puzzles which will challenge the players’ brains.

Coromon: Plot, Gameplay, And Release Date
Coromon Gameplay

The official images show that there will be dungeons in the game, locations varying like frozen glaciers caverns or the blistering deserts. There will be some interactable things in the game, which players would have to find for further progress in the game. Coromon will allow the players to have a Fitness Coach Center, where the injured will be tended. The Open Protect Spaces will provide the players to experiment and learn various methods and strategies regarding their beasts.

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Coromon Release Date

When will Coromon launch, and where will it launch? The first announcement trailer for Coromon came on 20 January 2022, on the official YouTube channel of Publishers, Freedom Games. 

The announcement trailer revealed the date and on which platform it will release. Coromon will release on 31 March 2022 on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, tvOS, and Android TV. On Microsoft Windows, it will release on Steam and Epic Games Store. The game is now up for pre-order and will cost $14.99 for everything except the smartphones. On smartphone devices, it will cost between $1.99 and $3.99.

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