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Bryce Dallas Howard’s Best Movies That You Should Know About

The eldest daughter of filmmaker Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard was always destined to make a career in Hollywood. In a career spanning almost 20 years and having worked with prominent filmmakers like M Night Shyamalan, we would discuss some of the best films of Bryce Dallas Howard. A student of Tisch School of Arts in New York University, Bryce was born on March 2 in the year 1981. She has acted on Broadway in her initial years before she caught the eye and made a career in mainstream Hollywood.

Bryce Dallas Howard has been part of some of the biggest franchises like The Twilight, Jurassic World, and Spider-Man, her films have been one of the biggest grosser in the industry. Also in her portfolio, she has roles in some of the prominent films like A Beautiful Mind which eventually bagged an academy award. She played a Harvard student in the mentioned movie.

So without any further delay, we should jump on our discussion on Bryce Dallas Howard’s best movies. The list mentioned is non-exhaustive and is not ranked in any order. These are just my opinion on which ones are Bryce Dallas Howard’s best movies.

A still from the movie Jurassic World

Bryce Dallas Howard’s best movies over the years:

1. As You Like It (2006)

A Shakespearean classic ‘As You Like It’ was adapted in the same name and brought on the screens in the year 2006. Interestingly enough, Bryce has been part of this Shakespearean adaptation twice. Firstly in the year 2004, she played Rosalind while acting for Broadway. In the year 2006, she got to be part of the movie adaptation of the classic, under the same character. The Shakesperean comedy was based around a kingdom where the king banishes her daughter Rosalind to the forest.

There in the forest, she starts to live disguised as a man. Soon she falls for a guy but she himself is dressed as a guy and similar sort of situational comedies start to take place. In a witty and humorous movie, Bryce played the role with the required tenacity with a hint of pride and showed the immense ability to play both gender roles. Her humor was also on point in the movie. Bryce got a Golden Globes nomination for her work in the film.

2. Jurassic World (2015), Jurassic World- The Fallen Kingdom (2018), and Jurassic World-Domination (2022)

This is one for the viewers who want to have a total blast. A movie not built for the critics, the widely acclaimed science fiction movie is one of the highest grosser in the industry’s history (including worldwide collections). The Jurassic franchise in fact needs no prior introduction. Bryce Dallas Howard, alongside Chris Pratt, has been part of all the films.

Playing the role of Claire Dearing, Bryce had not to do a lot in the movie from an art point of you. But the science fiction movie is filled with action sequences and Bryce had put a commendable performance in all the scenes. She and Chris Pratt shared good chemistry with each other. Acting in science fiction movies is always difficult because a lot of movie takes place in front of a green screen. Hence Bryce put a good foot forward in the movie.

3. Manderlay (2005)

Based on a sensitive real-life issue of slavery, Bryce Dallas provided a perfect fold of innocence and lack of real-life connection to the character of grace; someone who has been away from the realms of this cruel reality. Set in 1933 and told in 8 different chapters, the movie is one to watch.

When Grace leaves the town with her father, she passes through Alabama not knowing what has been happening outside her bubble. For someone coming to know about the grim reality of the world and how it works, Bryce Dallas essentially is every one of us in this movie who would react in the same frustration, same disbelief, same disgust upon learning of such a practice to have existed.

4. Dads (2019)

A documentary, the movie is one of the most heart-touching and wholesome movies out there. An ode to fatherhood, the movie provides a joyful expedition in the world of fathers. Including testimonies of fathers and interviews with famous fathers, the documentary is one to watch. One does not have to do too much in documentaries per se. But the topic and theme of the movie make a strong case. Bryce Dallas Howard, playing himself arguably represented the female protagonist lens to explore the much less discussed aspects of a male person.

A still from the movie The Village (2004)

Honorable mentions: The Help (2011),  Rocketman(2019), Spiderman 3 (2007).

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