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Braveheart Filming Locations: Where Was The Historical War Drama Movie Filmed?

Braveheart filming locations are many, and we are here to break them all down. The film was released back in 1995. It is set within the curvatures of the history of war and drama. Mel Gibson has directed this project. He also plays the main character in the movie. Sir William Wallace is a warrior from Scotland. The story sees the camera focused on his life. We witness how Sir William has work in the First War of Scottish Independence. He leads the Scots into battle against King Edward I of England. The plot of this tale has been taken from an epic poem belonging to the 15th century. It has a rather long title that goes, The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Compioun Schir William Wallace.

The film saw major success upon its release. It was made on an initial budget of an average of 70 million dollars. Although it earned almost 75.6 million dollars in the United States whereas 210.4 million dollars throughout the world. The project even won a lot of awards. Although, there was some criticism involved when it came to all the historical deviations that were planted in the film. All in all, it was majorly appreciated. The film also received a spin-off order called Robert the Bruce, which was released recently.

Braveheart Filming Locations

A still of Longshanks from Braveheart

The story starts in 1280 with King Edward. We see him invading the Scottish lands and even conquering a lot of the area. Alexander III of Scotland had died by this point, and he had absolutely no heir for the throne. We see Young William witnessing the exploitation of his nation and the death of his father at the hands of Longshanks (the British king). His uncle Argyle then takes him on a pilgrimage across Europe, where he gets his educated.

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Braveheart Filming Locations

Braveheart started filming in 1994. The cast and crew went to roll cameras in Scotland. Most of the scenes that depict the battle in them were shot in Ireland, though. Due to the lack of funds, the movie was made quite creatively. People from the Irish Army Reserve were cast as extras in the movie. The final cut of the film was then toned down to 195 minutes.

Although, the producers asked him to shorten the movie even more and bring it down to 177 minutes. Back in 2016, three years before a spin-off sequel was shot for the story, Gibeon gave an interview about the project. He talked about how he has content lasting for almost 4 hours in this movie. He says he would also love to reassemble it all if the studios are still interested in it.

Plot Explained

When old enough, Wallace comes back to Scotland. Here, he falls in love with his childhood friend. The two marry. Soon a scene had some British men trying to abuse Murron. He saves his wife for a while, although later, when he was tackling some Englishmen, Murron is captured and executed for resisting the British people. This brings back the past Wallace in his eyes when his father was killed in the same way.

We see him sending a message of Rebellion in order to kill Longshanks. The king hears about it and orders his son to stop this army of angry Scottish men, which is led by Wallace. Prince Edward is in charge as the king leaves for France. When the battle actually happens, Wallace wins. Prince Edward lacks a lot of skills on the battlefield and thus, loses. This enables Wallace to sack York.

In order to distract Wallace from the war, Longshanks sends the wife of his son from France to negotiate the terms of the land. This is when the Englishmen will again invade Scotland by force. But Isabella of France changes sides after seeing the bravery of Wallace and warns him about the attacks. But betrayal lies ahead for him with a lot of men being bribed by Longshanks, and they leave Wallace’s army. Later, Robert the Bruce, a Scottish man who was fighting for the English, realizes what a grave mistake he has done and changes sides. The people who betrayed Wallace are then killed. Isabella, too, assists Wallace, and together with the remaining loyal people, Wallace wages war once again.

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