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Bodies Bodies Bodies Meaning & Ending Explained

Bodies Bodies Bodies is A24’s latest horror movie. A24 has made a name by giving indie filmmakers more chances and consistently producing quality movies, mostly horror. The prime examples are Midsommar and Hereditary. Whenever we step into a theatre for an A24 movie, we know this won’t be a regular movie-going experience. And with its newest release, Bodies Bodies Bodies A24 proves the same.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a who-done-it slasher horror comedy that tells the story of seven friends who decide to do a hurricane party right before a hurricane alert is issued. Seven of the friends tried to enjoy themselves as much as they could. They party, do drugs, and drink, but their fate turns dark forever when they decide to play a fun game, which eventually turns out deadly.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is probably one of the best modern slasher thrillers released in recent years. All those who have finished watching the movie might know how wild and unpredictable this movie is. It’s violent, gory, and thrilling. And with a climax that has created some debates over the internet, whether or not what the characters did is right, do the movies successfully portray today’s generation Z, or it’s just mocking them? These are the kind of debates that people are having about this movie. And today, we shall be discussing the movie’s real meaning and brilliant ending. So fans get ready.

Cast Of Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies stars mostly the young actors of our time who are in their early 20s as this age group fits the storyline perfectly. The cast of Bodies Bodies Bodies includes some of the most talented young actors of our generation, like Amandla Stenberg – who has previously worked in movies like Hunger Games & Rio.

In this movie, she plays the character of Sophie, a rich girl who is addicted to drugs, It also stars Maria Backalova as Bee, a working-class girl who is in love with Sophie. The other actors in this movie are Pete Davidson, Conner o Malley, Rachel Sennott, and Lee Pace.

What Is The Bodies Bodies Bodies Game?

Seven friends, drinking and partying wildly, decide to play a game together – Bodies Bodies Bodies. A game where a group of members picks a card from a deck of random cards, and one among them who picks the killer card becomes a killer. The players must not reveal their cards, and the killer must not say he is the killer. Once the cards are picked, the lights are turned off, and everyone must crawl around and hide.

Bodies Bodies Bodies game scene

Bodies Bodies Bodies Game

The killer must kill people by either pinching the players or tapping them. He must do it silently in the dark. The one who dies must pretend as a dead body, and if someone comes across the body, he must shout Bodies Bodies Bodies.

After that, the group will cast a vote of elimination on the player they suspect could be the killer, and those who are dead must not reveal the killer. The game continues till everyone on the game is dead or when the killer gets caught.

This is the whole game of Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending Explained?

Bodies Bodies Bodies has one of that kind of realistic twist that could happen in any movie, but we never care to think about it. But when the ending happens, when things start to reveal, it not just reveals the twist but also reveals our true character. It brings out our real selves, which we hide from the world. And Bodies Bodies Bodies is one such kind of movie. A movie about normal young people, like us, who love to party, that too a Hurricane Party right when a hurricane warning is issued “the rich kids.” They party, drink, and enjoy their youth as wildly as possible. Things were going smooth, but then makers thought, hmm… it’s going too normal. Let’s make this shit interesting.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending Explained

Bodies Bodies Bodies Climax Scene

And then the really interesting stuff begins. Seven friends in the middle of a hurricane warning decide to play Bodies Bodies bodies. And suddenly, they find one of their friends, David, dead on the floor. His throat is cut open, and a sword is lying near him. This makes everyone in the group paranoid, and they start thinking that there is a killer among them, they soon start suspecting that Greg is the killer because they find a knife in his bag and a map of the area. So they go to confront him, and things again go out of hand because Greg starts feeling unsecured with their wild accusations of murdering David, so he takes up a weapon.

This makes the group so paranoid, and a fight breaks out, and Bee kills Greg. Everyone is still confused about what is happening, and This is when they discover another dead body. And after a series of revelations and killings, we finally reach the climax where only two survivors remain, Bee and Sophie. They then discover that David was not murdered but died trying to make a TIK TOK video with his knife. And all the other killings just happened because they got paranoid, and their broken relationships led everyone to distrust and suspect one another. Finally, the drugs fueled their paranoia resulting in meaningless murders and deaths.

What Is The Meaning Behind Bodies Bodies Bodies

A game that started as fun turns deadly. It reveals the true nature of every character. It mostly shows how irrational today’s generation is, how they take extreme actions in their lives without even putting their thoughts into it. Acting on impulse, taking drugs, etc.

This movie is a beautiful satire that is represented as a thrilling slasher movie. It’s a satire that mocks today’s generation. If this had been only a satirical movie, it would have gotten boring, and adding the murder mystery element was necessary.

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

Bodies Bodies Bodies has a very familiar story structure, there is nothing new about these kinds of slasher stories. I mean, there are several movies where the characters play a game and then suddenly die one by one. But this movie does differently in the way it represents Generation Z (The Modern generation of young people) and the impact of technology on these character’s life. The way they interact with each other socially. It gives you a vibe that this movie is a modernized version of the slasher genre. That depicts today’s generation of young people beautifully.

Bodies Bodies Bodies movie Review

Bee From Bodies Bodies Bodies

For example, one of the things I loved about this movie is that when the power goes down, the majority of lights used in the movie are phone lights. It beautifully depicts our current generation and their fascination with technology.

The final revelation is when we finally know that David wasn’t murdered but killed himself accidentally while filming a Tik Tok video. This beautiful satire shows how today’s generation is so obsessed with Tik Tok and Reels. They would do anything, even if it’s dangerous, to get some views and followers. It’s one of the best movies that have come out recently, and I would highly recommend that every horror fan check this movie once if you haven’t seen it yet.

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