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Black Panther Filming Locations: Where The Movie Is Filmed?

Black Panther filming locations have all the fans curious about the places, and we are here to discuss it all. The film was released back in 2018. It is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story of this movie throws light on T’Challa. He is the crowned king of Wakanda now that his father has died. Wakanda’s rules follow a policy where the country stays neutral to various political and world wars and does not indulge in violence of any sort.

Although, T’Challa’s rival named, Killmonger, is desperate to change the affairs of the country. He wants it to become a global revolution and lead it against other nations. Black Panther was a huge success at the box office. It was made on a budget of just 200 million dollars. Upon its release, the film earned more than 1.3 billion dollars from around the world.

The story of Black Panther starts almost a thousand years ago. It was when five of the most prominent African tribes led a war against each other in order to get power over a meteorite. This piece of rock actually had the metal vibranium in it. As we see one of the warriors taking in a herb that was affected by the metal. The warrior soon comes with great powers and gets abilities like no other human. He becomes the first Black Panther of these African tribes. Given the fact that he has so many powers and now a newfound influence, the man united various clans of Africa under one country named Wakanda.

Black Panther Filming Locations

A still from Black Panther

Although, he does not invite the Jabari tribe into this union. Given the fact that it has been years since this incident, the tribes of Wakanda have used the power of Vibranium in order to gain power themselves and develop new technology. They have shielded their land from the rest of the world and established Wakanda as a third-world country. T’Chaka is the current leader of the Wakandans. When he visits California in order to meet with his brother, it turns out he is an undercover spy who is smuggling Vibranium from the country for money.

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Black Panther Filming Locations

Filming began first in Atlanta metropolitan area. The crew also shifted to various other places in Atlanta. They had filming take place at Pinewood Atlanta Studios and the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. These places were used to reframe the Oakland scene from the movie where T’Chaka is involved. Then we had the High Museum of Art in the city, which portrayed the Museum of Great Britain in London. Atlanta City Halls was used for the scenes involving the United Nations Building.

The Busan scene obviously needed the filming crew to relocate to Korea for a bit. Some of the scenes were shot at the place. Busan was also used for the scene involving more than 150 cars with 700 people around for the car chase scene. Other places in Busan where filming took place were Jagalchi Fish Market, Gwangalli Beach, and the Marine City.


After his father has died in the present day, every duty of the country falls upon the shoulders of T’Challa. He comes back to the country in order to take the throne. He is accompanied in the ceremony by his loved ones, such as Nakia. Nakia and T’Challa have been lovers for a while. While they are in the ceremony, the leader of the Jabari tribe named M’Baku comes in full of hatred and revenge. He challenges T’Challa to combat in which the descendant of the Black Panther defeats the leader of the Jabari tribe.

In order to safeguard his people, T’Challa will now have to reunite all the people of Wakanda just like his ancestors once did. We see that a man named Klaue and Erik steal an artifact that belongs to Wakanda, T’Challa, and his group tries to meet with him in Busan, South Korea, in order to gain access to the artifact. Although, Klaue has some other plans. He aims to sell the artifact to the CIA. Well, I suggest you watch the whole film in order to know what goes down with the plot while we discuss some of the places which we saw in the film.

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