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Assassin’s Creed Unity Ending Explained: How Did Elise Die?

Assassin’s Creed Unity is an adventure-action game that was out in November 2014. The plot of this game is good, same as the previous Assassin’s Creed games. But responses for it were different from others. Well, the game got mixed responses, but others of the series were much appreciated than the 2014 creation. However, the ending of the story was always the center of attraction. There are things to understand, and Assassin’s Creed Unity Ending Explained must be there. So, let’s move further on to the plot and Assassin’s Creed Unity ending explained.

Have you played Assassin’s Creed Rogue? Do you know the story? It can be easier and more engaging if you know the previous stories of the game. The reason is simply that the plot of Assassin’s Creed Unity is in the continuation of Assassin’s Creed Rogue. The battle and the old struggle between assassins and the templar are on the peek in the 2014 creation of Ubisoft. Templars want control over the fictional world created by Ubisoft in the game, and they want peace, whereas Assassins fight and kill anyone to maintain peace, harmony, and freedom.

What is the Story of Assassin’s Creed Unity?

The year is 2014, and an initiate of the industry, Abstergo, gets a message from an Assassin named Bishop. In the message, she says that the Abstergo industry or Templars is running behind a sage, and they want his body so that they can get the sword of Eden. Assassins’ main motive is to get the body of sage before the Templars so that they can destroy the body. Therefore, the receiver dive into the memory of an assassin, Arno Dorians. The flashback begins! The date was December 27, 1776, and the place showed was Versailles where Arno, 8, and his father, Charles, entered the palace of Versailles. The kid’s father had some work, so he instructed little Arno to wait. Also, Charles gave a timepiece to Arno, instructing him to keep an eye on the timepiece.

In a few minutes after his father’s departure, he saw a girl, Elise, and started following her. Now, when his father came back, Arno wasn’t at his place meanwhile, a master kills Charles. In a few seconds, Arno discovers that his father is dead, but Elise’s father, Francois, who was a Templar, promised himself to take care of Arno, even after knowing that the kid is an assassin. 13 years later, Assasins and the Templar are together running a peace treaty whose grandmaster was Francois. Meanwhile, Arno and Elise are dating each other. One day, the grandmaster left his place for some work, and a templar ran behind his carriage but was unable to catch the grandmaster. He wanted to give him a letter, so Arno took the letter and started running behind the carriage.

He was finding the Grandmaster everywhere but was unable to find him, so he slid the letter into his office. This resulted in a mistake because Francois was murdered, and the murderer blamed Arno for the same. Arno was put into jail, but he met Bellec, who was his father’s friend. He trained Arno for two months, and after this, they anyhow escaped the Jail. Now, as Arno was free, he met Elise and told her that he was not responsible for the murder of her father. The girl gave him the letter that was a warning for Francois that someone might attack the grandmaster. After this, Elise left to find the real culprit meanwhile, Arno was depressed as he was now blaming himself for the death of his grandmaster. Now, he wanted revenge, so finally, he joined the Assassin brotherhood so that he can find out the real culprit.

Assassin's Creed Unity Plot
Assassin’s Creed Unity Plot

Assassins assigned the assassination of Sivert and told him that he was the murderer. Arno was already very angry, so he got Sivert and slew him brutally. But wait! there were more people with Sivert in the plan. Arno killed the other person who was responsible for the death of Francois. Further, he came to know that Germain, a silversmith was the man who made a pin to kill Francois. Arno hurriedly finds out the Silversmith and gets into his room. Germain told that he is trapped in this room, and he was forced to make such a pin. Further, he says that the pin was especially for Monsieur Lafreniere. After hearing this, Arno kills Lafreniere too, but at the spot, he discovered that the Templars are planning to attack Elise as well.

Arno, anyhow saved Elise from the deadly attack and took her to Assassin Brotherhood and asked her to take help from them. But, those assassins refuse to help her as she was a Templar. However, Mirabeau, the head of the group, agreed and took her under their protection. Now, Elise and Arno were all ready to investigate more perfectly together. Together they found out that Germain was the one who was wholly responsible for the assassination of Francois. Now, both of them hurriedly find Mirabeau so that they can convey the important news to him, but alas! Bellec was responsible for the death of Mirabeau. According to Bellec, there must not be any peace treaty among assassins and templars, so he killed the head and wanted the assassin brotherhood to be strong and independent again. Bellec offers his plan and motive to Arno, but he killed Bellec.

Furthermore, Templars were planning to strive for the people of Versailles, but Arno and Elise ruined their plan. Because of working together, the duo came closer to each other than earlier. But then things went worse, there was one more attempt to kill Elise, and Germain was there on the spot. Arno quickly decided to let go of Germain and save Elise. But with this act, Elise was extremely angry and left Arno because, for her, killing Germain was more important than saving her life. On the other side, Assassin Brotherhood removed Arno from their gang, and the reason was that he was helping a Templar. Things were worse, and Arno was lost all the motivation, but Elise was back, and this time the duo was all set to kill Germain at any cost.

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Were Arno and Elise Able to Kill Germain?

Yes, Arno was able to kill Germain, but he lost Elise. At the ending of Assassin’s Creed Unity, they were facing Germain. So, let’s continue the story to see what happened next. The most hyped-up scenes of Assassin’s Creed Unity starts here. So, when Elise was back to Arno, they went on a mission to find Germain. They get to know that Germain was hiding in the temple where the Sword of Eden was. This sword was certainly very powerful, and it generated electric pulses, which were more than enough to kill a person.

Assassin's Creed Unity Ending
Assassin’s Creed Unity Ending

The duo was facing a hard time defeating the culprit as he was holding the sword of Eden meanwhile, a pillar fell on Arno, and he was stuck there. Elise runs toward Arno to save him, but they realize that Germain was leaving with the sword. So, Elise left Arno under the pillar and decided to fight alone. Now, Germain and Elise had a deadly sword fight in which Elise fell unconscious, and Germain was partially injured. Arno somehow came out and ran towards Elise, but she left her forever. After this, Arno killed the half injured Germain. 

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Ending Explained

Arno then enters Germain’s memory, and he meets the soul of Germain. They were in the room where Germain was making the pin. Every scene was happening again in front of them. Also, both of them had a deep conversation which was somewhat an important lesson for Arno as he was still alive and had a long life to live ahead. He realized that creed must not be there to control the life of a person wholly. The beliefs and principles of either Templars or Assasins should not be the one that controls everything. He must do what he feels right. After all, the life of a person is ultimately of that person only, and the person should not be a puppet of any creed or anything else. A free person is to live his life to the fullest.

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