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Activision Blizzard Shuts Down Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Server In UAE & Singapore

Without any explanation, Activision Blizzard shut down the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 servers in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. There are no official reports about it and the company is very tight-lipped about it. An analysis of the traffic and the reports of the users on the internet from Singapore and the United Arab Emirates are overwhelming. Why did Activision Blizzard come up with this decision?

While there’s no official information, and there are no reports about it, it’s all open to speculation. Was it because of content and censorship? Some glitch or bug? Was it a hack? Why is Activision Blizzard keeping a lid on this? Singapore and the UAE are very big markets and it should be addressed. Read our scoop below.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Server Shut Down in UAE and Singapore

A traffic map shows the server shutdown in Singapore & the United Arab Emirates

Activision Blizzard Shuts Down Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Server In UAE & Singapore

Reports by users early in the morning of July 7, 2022 show that Activision Blizzard shut down the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 server in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore without any notice. There’s no official information on their social media profiles, websites nor any Activision employee has come forward on their social media handles to talk about what is going on. Was it a censorship move on behalf of the Emirati and Singaporean governments? Was it a hack? Was it a glitch? Or perhaps unannounced server maintenance? Whatever it is, the result is the same, if you reside in those countries, you simply cannot access the servers to play multiplayer and you have no explanation on behalf of the developers.

On Call of Duty Black Ops 4

The first Call of Duty game without a single-player campaign mode is Black Ops 4. Instead, it has a Solo Missions mode that focuses on the “Specialists,” the multiplayer characters in the game, and their backstories. According to chronological order, the missions occur between Black Ops II and III. Additionally, some Specialists from Black Ops III were retained. Predictive recoil and a new ballistics system are introduced in the multiplayer mode, the first in the series to do without automatic health regeneration. On the release day, the game had three zombies maps; if a special edition or the Black Ops Pass were bought, there were four. The RMS Titanic, a gladiatorial arena in ancient Egypt, and Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary are all depicted on the maps. Blackout, a battle royale mode with up to 100 players per match, was added to the game. In this mode, the player can model their character after a variety of characters from this and other Black Ops games.

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